Friday, July 08, 2005

Farewell to Kiawah

Today was our last full day on Kiawah Island. In past years, the last day has been a flurry of trying to cram in all the things I'd forgotten to do. This year I decided on a different approach. Maybe it's that I'm two years older than the last time I took this trip, maybe it's that I've learned to appreciate slowing down. Whatever the reason, I took it easy. I spent a couple of hours on my own at the nearby shops and coffeehouse. The constant company of twenty-one folks (no matter how much you love them) is wearing, and the solitude was restorative. I read, I journalled, I people-watched. Then, it was back to the beach for one last afternoon of bocce ball, gabbing with the aunts, and (now unnecessary) tanning.

When the cruel and unrelenting chair guys came to take up the chairs and umbrellas, we opted to ride to the tip of the island and then back along the bike path instead of the usual 5 minute ride. It was worth it. After dinner, I went back to the nature trail by our house and sat on a bench overlooking the saltmarsh to watch a ruby and gold sunset. I was heading back home, turning back onto our road, when I realized I had no desire to go back just yet.

I have been seduced by dusk ever since I was little. I adore that time between day and night when it feels as if the whole world is settling in. There's something magical about those moments when the sky changes from light to dark and everything around me feels at peace. Dusk lured me back out again tonight and I've found that I never regret succumbing to its call. As I headed back out on the bike path I felt as if I was chasing the last light, reluctant to let this day end. I was rewarded with another look at the sunset, this one a blue sky shot through with pearl and amber.

Tomorrow we'll pack up and head into Charleston for our traditional "heading home" lunch at Hyman's Seafood/Aaron's Deli. We'll shop the straw market for one last souvenir, recruit someone to take a group picture, hug each other tightly, blow kisses goodbye and head our separate ways. We are nothing if not traditional. My goodbyes were said tonight, whispered into the sunset.

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