Monday, September 19, 2005

From the mouths of babes...

On Friday, in Bible class, the question was asked, "If Adam and Eve were the first people, and Cain and Abel were their first kids, where did Cain's wife come from?" Good question. Hard question. I said I'd ask my boyfriend Mark, the Duke Divinity School student and Evan said he'd ask his dad Greg, the pastor.

Evan reported back today with the same info that I'd heard before-that more than likely it was a sister who Cain married. Of course, the majority of kids found this to be gross and so I explained that culturally, back then, it was acceptable. Over the years of teaching, I'm used to the kids finding this practice weird and most seem grateful that we don't do that now. Until today.

Today, one little girl piped up, with eyes wide and earnest, "I wish it was still okay to marry one of my brothers, because I really don't want to marry some boy that I don't know! Ew!"

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