Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Right now

My kids are elbow deep in construction paper, glue, wire hangers, and other various and sundry craft items as they create "Hanger Characters" as an in-class project for Shiloh Day. I love these kinds of projects and so do they. Their creative juices start flowing, they look at each other's and offer words of encouragement or suggestion. There is sweet comfort as they rummage through the box of fabric, ribbon, and paper that Grandmother used to use to create all her gorgeous Christmas decorations.

And just now, in unison, they all started singing the chorus to "One Short Day". Yes, lengthy project time means they want music to work by and the most requested music these days is the Wicked soundtrack. Several of them have bought it now and most of them have quickly picked up the words, as kids will do. As I watch one sweet girl halt in mid color, throw her head back and sing with all her heart, I catch a glimpse of what it must have been like to know me in fourth grade.

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