Friday, January 27, 2006

A Magical Day

Today was Teacher Appreciation Day. One by one, as my kids walked into the room, they brought lovely blossoms to me. Roses, daisies, Gerber daisies, tulips- all combined to make a lovely and fragrant bouquet.

And then there were the notes...

And this one from one sassy girl who thinks that she is the queen...

Our generous Trinity parents provided a delicious catered lunch and arranged for a mom to watch my kids during lunch and recess. An uninterrupted hour with my friends and colleagues-heavenly! I felt truly loved and appreciated. More than that, I am so grateful for the gift of these girls and boys and what they are teaching me everyday. I am thankful for lots of laughter in my classroom, for eighteen wonderfully unique kids, for their parents who partner with me and entrust them to me each day, and for the love of Christ that is daily evident in our fourth grade family.

(We had to take a silly picture, of course!)

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