Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Best Kid Responses to my Engagement

  • Right after I told my class...

“I thought he would ask you in a restaurant or something. He did it like I didn’t think he would.”

“So, does the boy always have to ask the girl?”
“Well yeah, because they usually give the other person a ring and it would be weird for a girl to give the guy a ring.”

  • And the emails started...

Hi!! I wanted to say congratulations. I also had some questions such as are you going to move to Texas. If you are going to move then you most likely won't be back next year. If you have not made the decision to move I know the one you make will be the best one for you. Have you guys set the date yet? Congratulations!!!

hey Ms. Unger, Ur ring is really sparkally, lol. see u tomorrow

  • While mummifying the chicken in my classroom...

“Now, y’all know I’m not afraid to touch the chicken but I don’t want to get salt and baking soda in my ring…well, actually…I think I’ll just take it off while I do this…”

Eighteen children give one unified and horrified gasp with eyes wide as plates.

“Guys, you know that I’m still engaged even if I take my ring off, right?”

Eighteen children give one unified sigh of relief.

  • On the way out to carpool...

1st grader #1: Miss Unger! Miss Unger! I…I…I heard that you were…you were getting engaged.
Me: That’s right, I did get engaged to a man named Mr. Petree.
1st grader #2: Yeah, but is he cute?
Me: Oh yes, he’s the cutest.
1st grader #2: Do you have children?
Me: No, not yet but I’d like to someday.
1st grader #2: Well, what kind of children do you want to have?
(I wasn’t really sure how to answer that one.)

  • And never underestimate the importance of 4th graders helping you plan your wedding...

“Miss Unger, you should get married here at Trinity!”
“Yeah, you could do it right here in our classroom. Wind through the cubbies and then end up at the front.”
“No, she can’t do that. It’s too small and there’s no red carpet.”

I didn’t realize red carpet was required for a wedding.

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  1. Anonymous3:13 AM

    Hey Leslie,
    I'm glad o know that you are having a wonderful after high school. I'm glad to see that you are sharing your kindness with your 4th grade class. Plus, you have met a really nice man to compliment you. -PJH C/O 96'


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