Monday, May 01, 2006

Twenty-five days

I have just that long to do the following:

-Finish teaching the current fourth grade Gold class at Trinity School

-Along with my brave and able teaching partner, take 36 fourth graders and twelve parents on a three day overnight trip to Camp Don Lee

-Pull off my last Pharaoh Day, complete with projects and speeches by my students

-Write eighteen report cards

-Write two letters of blessing for two darling graduating 8th grade girls that I taught once upon a time...

-Sort through all my worldy goods

-Decide what's going with me to Trail West

-Decide what's going in the storage unit

-Decide what's going to Rita & Dave's for my last month as a singleton

-Move it all out of the house to make room for SJ's new roomie

-Design and order wedding invitations

-Pick and order wedding cupcakes

-Plan a wedding rehearsal dinner (with my wonderful fiance's help, of course)

-Worship for the last time in Blacknall's sanctuary before it undergoes renovation

-Dream, plan and pray for the twelve ladies that I'll get to love on at Trail West

-Savor as many moments as I can with my family and friends

Am I crazy?


  1. Stuart H.9:47 AM

    Please don't make us answer that question:)

  2. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Yes!...but that's part of your charm.
    :) Luv you,

  3. Anonymous11:52 AM

    i think i can i think i can


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