Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What I'm Reading Today

From Birches (Click for the whole post. It's worth it):
"Let me say to you now that Giardelli chocolate morsels—even the semi-sweet variety—are uniformly dark in color with a creamy complexion suitable for anyone of royal descent. And the Giardelli chocolate Is Indeed royal, if by saying “royal” I mean of the highest and most refined quality and also Expensive. And they are Larger than the Tollhouse variety, with a plumpness that is most decidedly Promising.

Let me furthermore say that the subsequent tasting of said chocolate (after one has ogled the creamy and Most Promising Exterior) Does Not Disappoint. No. For the Giardelli chocolate morsel has a very nearly bottomless chocolateyness to it. One morsel resting on the tongue melts in a manner most languid and pleasing, sending the most delicate tendrils of rich chocolate to all the pockets and sweet-loving recesses of the mouth."

(And she has perfectly expressed the addiction possessed by all women in the Cruise Family.)

From dooce.com:
"I have always been a worrier, and in second grade I used to get so sick with anxiety about the timed math tests I took on Tuesday mornings that the worrying would start the Friday night before. I was hardly able to sleep or eat or think about anything other than the addition or subtraction problems that I would encounter on that single sheet of paper, and by the time my teacher started the clock on the test I was so violently ill that I could barely hold my pencil upright. I remember thinking that my future was dependent on whether or not I performed perfectly, and that if I missed one problem a series of events would unfold: one, my mother wouldn’t love me. Two, she would kick me out of the house. Three, I would die homeless.

This is what I like to call The Spiral, and I have spent my life fine-tuning this skill. I start by making sure everything around me is normal and in working order, and then I start to worry about the littlest thing that could go wrong. It’s always something very tiny and insignificant, but by the time I have finished analyzing it in my head it has turned into the Worst Case Scenario: small A leads to small B leads to very awful C jumps straight to homeless and dead.

(I know a few people like this. I am one of those people from time to time. But mostly it reminded me of my sweet former fourth graders and how they would stress over times tests in Math. It changes as we get older, but there's always something isn't there?)

From Guerilla · Dixhuitiemiste:
"I nearly divorced my husband last night when he stood in between me and my dessert. You do not come between me and cookies. Wasn't that in the vows?"

(Amen, sister. Amen)

From weather.com:
Thursday, Nov 30 - Rain / Ice / Wind, High:38° Low:26°


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