Friday, April 20, 2007

Portrait of a Mischevious Dog

Yes, that's Jason's sock in Knox's mouth. This and other antics have kept us pretty busy these days. However, after my cousin Jennifer threw down the gauntlet, I feel like I need to post a little something.

I have actually had a million ideas for posts in the last few weeks, but work has been especially tedious and hard and frustrating. All I have wanted to do at the end of the day is play with my pup, surf the net, and watch TV. Most of that is completely devoid of any true value, but it helps me decompress. Or at least that's what I've talked myself into believing :) I should really go for a run considering that I'll be running the Nike Women's Marathon in October with my sweet sister. More on that later.

Anyway, I'm still alive and well. Even writing this little post has made me feel better. I think I'll start including it in my end of day routine. It's worked for so many others, perhaps I should give it a go.

Ok, I'm off to slave away selling useless stuff to folks for a boss who has no real appreciation for her employees. Hope your day is more fun than mine!


  1. Anonymous8:51 PM

    Those are really cute pictures. Yes, Ollie recently pranced around the house with one sock of mine and one sock of Dave's in his mouth. When we retrieved those from him he dashed away and came back a few minutes later with two of mine and one of Dave's.

  2. Dearest Cuz! You know I love you, right? I've really enjoyed reading your blog, and it was you and Rebecca that motivated me to finally do it. I'm already addicted, and it really does help to write! Even if I don't post it right away, it feels awesome to just get it out, like a really good crap, you know?

  3. Sorry for your bad day. Thanks for your post! It was encouraging.


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