Friday, June 29, 2007

A day off with guests

Unexpectedly, but conveniently enough, I have today off and will work tomorrow. This is perfect because tonight two dear friends from NC will join us for dinner and spend the night. I've known Darl and Carrie since days of old at Chapel Hill Bible Church, taught on the Lower School team with Carrie (kindergarten teacher who has ALL my respect now that I've subbed for that age), and fellow worshippers at Blacknall Presbyterian. Oh, and we were in small group together. They are a firm and precious part of my NC community. On more than one occasion I've had the pleasure of singing while Darl backed me up on bass guitar. But my favorite thing is the really great hugs they both give. And that they enjoy a good beer :)

(That's Carrie on the far right- isn't she pretty?)

With a whole day off, I am all set to try out some new recipes and cook to my heart's (healthy) content! Here's the menu for tonight:

Bruschetta with crab meat

Chicken in a mushroom wine sauce over whole wheat pasta
Asparagus with grated parmesan
Tomato and Basil Drop Biscuits

Apple Brown Betty with vanilla ice cream

And for breakfast:

Paula Deen's Breakfast Casserole
Whole wheat carrot cake muffins

Hey, if you're coming from more than one state away to see us, you're guaranteed a good meal!


  1. Anonymous2:40 PM

    tomato and basil drop biscuits??? I have to have that recipe! Hug Mr. and Mrs. P for Julia and me! So glad they are there with ya'll tonight! Dinner sounds waaayy fab - think if we leave now we can make it by 7? Set 6 more places - we're on our way!
    Holley B.

  2. Holley! I'll send you the recipe asap. Y'all hit the road and we'll be ready for you whenever you get here :) Miss y'all!!!

  3. I'm impressed that you're trying out new recipes for guests! Isn't it great to have extra time to experiment and have fun in the kitchen? Hope you guys have a wonderful time together.

  4. Em,
    Darl and Carrie were very gracious guinea pegs :) And yes, it was so great to have all that extra time to try some new stuff. It was quite cozy and comfy to all be in the kitchen chatting. Maybe we can recreate that sometime with you and Alex?...just a thought ;)

  5. so ambitious! it's making me hungry just to think about it!

    sounds like it should be a fun visit. tell carrie p. i said HEY!

    p.s. does paula deen have ANY recipes that are healthy? DO share! i love/hate her.


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