Saturday, November 17, 2007

So sleepy...

It's Friday. Thank God.

I spent all day in heels (stupid...stupid!) educating the 5th graders in Clyde about the evils of tobacco use. Yes, Clyde. That's the city and school district. On Thursday it was Rising Star. Which is between Cross Plains and Comanche. Carlye thought I was kidding. Nope, it's like living in a real live Western.

Jason and I got all dolled up (well, I did, he just looked very handsome) and had a lovely, long dinner with his Dad and Cammie at the country club. Good food, yummy shrimp and a robust glass of wine.

Now he's asleep on the couch, Knox is asleep on his dog bed and I'm about to fall asleep as I type.

Night, night.

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