Thursday, December 13, 2007


I realize that I have been fairly absent from this blog o' mine and close-mouthed about what we've been going through in the last month. I can clue you in now, however there are some things that I'm not going to share with the entire Internet. Feel free to shoot me an email if you have more questions after this post and we can chat one on one.

As of today, Jason is resigning as Abilene Young Life's area director. Last Friday, he was informed by his boss that he was not doing a suitable job and that he had discerned that Jason's gift set and talents were not best suited for the area director position. This was competely unexpected and we were extremely blindsided. There had been no previous conversations with his boss to indicate that there were issues Jason needed to work on. Yes, there have been challenges and struggles but the YL Committee has been very happy with Jason's work and he has accomplished the goals they laid out for him when he was hired. Jason has opted to resign the position with much sadness and very much against his desires. The entire process has been incredibly hurtful and several parts of it have been severely mishandled in one way or another. I feel very wounded by these hurts and betrayals but we have been well loved on, and that includes by you dear readers....

We are hopeful about what the next step will be for us and thankfully, Jason has a clear idea about what he'd like to move into next- construction, building, labor, etc. It is something he has always enjoyed and he is knowledgable and gifted in those areas. We're not sure what this means in terms of us staying in Abilene, that's a conversation/dreaming/processing step that we're not at yet. I'll keep you posted.

Thankfully, we're headed to NC tomorrow for the Cruise Family Christmas gathering. I can't wait to get there and be loved on by my Marmee, my Allie, and the rest of that wonderful, crazy, southern family.

Thanks for being patient with me, for praying for us, for encouraging us. The road ahead is uncertain but we have faith in the One who knows it intimately.

P.S. If anyone has construction/building contacts anywhere between TX and NC, let me know :)


  1. Any opinion about OK? A classmate's husband has a business in Omaha. So sorry for this hard situation, especially when it comes at a festive time of year. I'm thankful that you get to have some refreshing time with family next week. We don't leave for Michigan until the 21st, so if you have a free moment for coffee let me know.

  2. Brian Madison4:23 PM

    There is former pastor/current construction contractor Peter Hausmann.


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