Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Oh. My. Gosh.

So I'm decorating our house for Christmas and watching the E! channel when the screen pops up, "Breaking News". What could it be? My jaw dropped to the floor as the latest E! news hoochie states, "Britney Spear's sixteen year old sister Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant." What is going on people?!? Nickelodeon confirmed it in a statement as well. I'm thinking this is brand new territory for their publicity department. Guess Lynn Spear's book on parenting isn't going to be published for quite some time...

And yes, it is December 18th and I am just now decorating. Actually, I wasn't even sure I was going to after the crappy month+, but decided that for our mental health we needed some Christmas cheer in the Petree home. I was even willing to concede to a fake tree this year but Jason couldn't find it. Spending money on a live tree this late in the season feels a bit decadent so I had to get creative. I'll post pics showing you just how tomorrow.

Hey Laura, I accept your duel. Next post: top ten cheesiest and most humiliating songs from my Ipod. Oh yeah girl, bring it on...


  1. Anonymous6:38 PM

    (I am seriously hoping for some Spice Girls.) And, um WHOA? Wow, that's unbelievable. Also that you watch Nickelodeon news. :) And we're not even getting a tree. We're rocking out some Christmas houseplants this year.

  2. YOU realize I got on my soapbox prior to reading your shock blog entry. What is the deal with skanky starlets. ;)

    I have to go compose the best IPOD Humiliation list ever dreamed of.
    I have 1700 songs...this will be a snap.



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