Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Oh, how the mighty...

...have fallen.

Number Five. When we were just Number One. There are those of you out there who are rejoicing. O Ye Devils of Blue! Even my husband's favored Volunteers are ahead of us now. He was pretty excited about this the other night and started to get more than a little boastful. Here's how that conversation went:

"Sweetie, we talked about this before we were married. It's Tennessee football and UNC basketball."

"But we're finally good!"

"We talked about this before we were married. It's Tennessee football and UNC basketball."

"But that was when we were bad. Now we're Number 3!"

"We talked about this before we were married. It's Tennessee football and UNC basketball."

He finally rolled his eyes and caved.

It is indeed full-fledged basketball season in our house. Knox has made the transition from his TN Vols collar to his UNC Heels one. He seems perkier, me thinks. We're back to yelling at terrrible officiating and frustrated when our boys don't seem to really want the win (um, hello? Good job Maryland.)

In between all the basketball, there is the Wii. Yes, we broke down and bought one. The official reason is to promote a healthy, active activity that both Jason and I can participate in. The unofficial reason is that it's just really stinkin' cool and I get the chance to redeem my Super Mario Brothers-free childhood. You can get a pretty good workout on that thing, especially with the boxing. Knox still can't figure out that I'm not actually throwing a ball for him when I'm playing the bowling game. And he quickly learned to get out of the way after I knocked him upside the head on my backswing. Dumb dog.

It's really cold here. Like NC mountains cold and they're calling for freezing rain and ice around 2 a.m. I can't hope for a "Trinity School is closed" announcement anymore but I can hope for "Hendrick Medical Center: Essential Employees Only" scrolling across the bottom of my TV.

In case you're wondering (and yes, I've been absent for a while), we're doing pretty darn good. We're letting a LOT roll off our backs and digging in deep to what we can. Work, new friends, Bible study, Sunday School...there's a lot to celebrate.

Oh, and I've been outed. By that I mean that there is now more than one person in Abilene (hi Abby!) who reads this blog. So hello to Allison and my Artist's Way ladies. Welcome to my written world, thanks for being my friends...


  1. Dearest Lu! I have missed your postings! (I really can't talk though because I'm sadly lax in posting lately.) I'm so glad we got to see you and Jason at Christmas! That being said, as much of a sweetheart as Jason is, please let him know that the Heels will have his team "Volunteer" themselves out of the ACC standings. This year is the Year of the Ram. Hark the sound!

  2. So glad to see you back!!

    We're living/breathing UNC basketball around here, too...

  3. Anonymous7:18 PM

    You are such a writer, too. I can just hear your voices in this one...I ws worried when you hadn't posted for so long...afraid I might have to come out there and see for myself just how you were.
    Love and rayers for growing groups, love, love and more love.


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