Monday, April 21, 2008

Jake and Knox...

Our own version of Brokeback Mountain. Seriously, you have never seen two dogs lick each other more than these two. They were going at it last night and Jason said, "Um, I just want to remind you two that you are dudes. Man up." I suppose it's part of the getting to know each other phase, but now it's just gross. Knox has done...okay. He's way too eager and rough yet to really play with Jake or for us to trust Knox alone with him. We're hoping that Jake is going to outgrow Knox and then kick his butt.
The First Real Interaction

Oh, The Licking.


  1. Oh I LOVE this pair!! They are so cute together!

    Very manly name you chose!

    I, of course, think of Jake Ryan of Sixteen Candles.

    I think when you get angry with him, his name will be 'Jacob Cash'.

  2. Teeth licking is a "trust" thing within a pack of dogs. Little one licks the teeth of the grown one to show he respects him and needs him...big one lets him to show that he might not kill him just yet. Or so I have been told. That dog is way too cute for words. I heart puppy breath.

  3. allie8:55 AM

    i like that..."might" not kill him "yet". haha


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