Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Puppy Update

I'm cringing as I type this because I am afraid of how controversial and disappointing this news might be.

Here goes.

We are officially taking the brown and black one. (cringe!)

Are you ok? Can we still be friends? We can get throught this, internet.

A little background may be helpful. As Jason and I have been watching the litter, we have been looking for the most chill pup. Regardless of appearance, we knew we wanted a calm dog. Knox has enough joy and energy inside his border collie/retriever body for five dogs. We need some calm, people. So, as I played with them I looked for things such as: would they let me play with their paws? When held like a baby (on their back), were they calm and submissive? How did they play and interact with the rest of the litter?

At first, several weeks ago, the black and white one was the most calm. But now we're nearing the eight week mark where their personalities are really showing. And brown and black pup? So chill. Sooooooooo freaking chill. Like Jason Castro-I've-just-smoked-a-doobie-and-will-now-perform-on-a-nationally-televised-singing-contest kind of chill.

My sister pointed out, with great concern, that he (both pup options are boys, by the way) looks like a rottweiler. Yes, a bit. And seeing that we don't really know who the father(s) is/are, we're going to have to take our chances. Jason doesn't seem too concerned and seeing as he has dealt with way more country mutts than I have, I trust him.

So here he is. Our future pup. Actually, not so future because apparently they've stopped nursing and my MIL is pretty anxious for us to get these pups out of her back yard. He needs a name, my friends, and judging by the comments there are those of you out there who want to name him. Have at it...


  1. Anonymous10:40 AM

    HE is adorable! Good choice! Holley

  2. Anonymous12:29 PM

    omigosh! so, so, so, so cute! :0) i don't have a name suggestion, though...i'd have to see him in person & get to know his personality. but, i LOVE him! :0)

  3. Yay! Such a cutie. I think it was a win-win with the choice.

  4. His name should be Chikizie. Because he's CHILL like CHIKIZIE.

    Or you could name him Lionel. Because he's easy like Sunday morning.

    Third suggestion? I'll give you my favorite rejected name list from when we named Arnold:

    Fergus (ever read the book?)
    Willis (a close runner-up...a lifetime of "what you talkin' bout Willis?"...can you imagine the fun?)

  5. I was going to say something cutesy like Reese's but I really LOVE Boom's suggestions of Lionel!!!

  6. Oh I do love to name dogs...but I have to know his personality...we've had dogs named Stuart, Sally, Bagger, Biffur, Baghera, Princess, Bobby & JR, name it! It all depends on his he CHILL or lazy...if he's chill, then I totally vote Lionel or something of the like..but if it's oafish, then it needs to be something like Eeyore...Or is he superfly and call him Dre or Snoop/?? Good luck!

  7. he does NOT look like a rottie...not that there's anything wrong with that!

  8. Ok, seriously adorable.

    How about Charlie...Winston...Grady...
    Zander...Walden...Macon (Charlene's boyfriend on Designing Women!).

    Or if you're serious about this, our neighbors have a dog named Pablo. And I think that's the best name for a boy dog. Ever.

  9. I do have to say that I am quite partial to "Jake" myself! :p


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