Sunday, June 29, 2008

Meow & I Do

So, I've mentioned here before that cats around The Country House are a good thing. A much needed thing. We have two legitimate cats here at TCH, Bo and Lola. We were kind of aware that we might be feeding more than that and we got solid proof of that tonight. An extra black cat and an extra tabby appeared at the feeding table this evening. And then...we heard several different "mew"s from the shed behind the feeding table. Yes, some random cat has nested their kittens inside the back shed.

It's not a surprise, really. After all, the shed is still filled with old stuff that needs to be taken to the dumpster. However, Jason has put his foot down and is stating adamantly that we will be feeding only Bo and Lola. So I am forced to reconcile myself to something that is standard practice for country living: the necessary "removal" of said random cats.

As a city girl by nature, if I think about this for too long I will cry like a baby and throw myself in front of that shed a la Fern from Charlotte's Web. Instead I have chosen to let Jason do what needs to be done and I just DO NOT need to know about it. La la la la la....

Of course immediately after I made this uncharacteristic decision, I picked up Lola to give her some snuggles.

"Um, Jason? Do you think the kittens could be Lola's?"

"No. Why?"

"Well, when I picked her up, I could feel her nipples. I have never felt them when I've picked her up before..."

"She couldn't be, she's so skinny that it would show."

"Um honey, look at her...she's looking fatter these days."

I lean down and feel her belly.

Aw crap, Lola is totally knocked up. We then proceed to call her a hussy, slut, hoochie, willing to give it up to any Tomcat that comes by, etc.

These kittens will not be "removed". We'll find homes for them and then do what Bob Barker wanted us to do all along: get Lola fixed.

Aside from all the cat drama, the Whirly wedding went off beautifully. I was beyond exhausted today, much more tired than I thought I would be. Still, it was a lovely event and I'm so proud to have played a part. I managed to get some pictures of the happy day...

{These kids were the cutest. One of my jobs was to wrangle them pre-ceremony and I loved it.}

{Yes, that is an ice sculpture with shrimp. So freakin' good.}

{She was singing to him...I love that}

{Classic Texas Two-Step hold...And her dress: GORGEOUS!}

{These dresses were even more stunning in person}

{I can't even begin to tell you how involved a process it was to find the ribbon that went on this cake. No seriously, I can't or I'll start crying again.}

{One of the coolest groom's cakes I've seen in a while. And with matching golfball cupcakes!}

{Mrs. Whirly looking so lovely and regal, dancing with her father...}

{See those Chinese take-out boxes? Jason and I put together all 150 and tied the ribbon handles. I can't think about how many were left at the reception or again, I will cry.}

{A sparkling exit despite the Texas thunderstorm mere moments before}


  1. What a gorgeous wedding!!!! i am obsessed with the bridesmaids dresses!! Where was the reception???

  2. Good experience for your Kick Ass Events presidency. Did I mention that I think we should do Chinese take out boxes for Carlye's shower favors?

    No, don't cry!

    I'm only kidding...

  3. congratulations making it to the end...and on your newest arrivals. I love kitties, no, I don't want one though.

  4. there are multiple disturbing things about this blog. first, i don't think your readers understand "removal". second, you felt up a cat. i'm just sayin.


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