Saturday, July 12, 2008

Nine Days?!? I am such a loser.

Allison called me yesterday and was all, "Um, I need you to update your blog."

Yeah, I need me to do it too.

The truth is that I really I have no excuse for not updating. The terribly ugly reality is that I have sat in my house watching soaps, playing ridiculous amounts of Solitaire and staying in my pajamas until shamefully late in the afternoon. Depressed? No, just telling myself that come August I'll have a teaching job and soon these days of laziness will be loooooooong gone.

Let's rename this blog "Diary of a Southern Rationalization Queen."

Today will be more fruitful. I've got to find a birthday present for my sweet niece, Scout. She's a fellow drama queen and her parents are turning part of her bedroom into a stage with a chalkboard wall so she can create her own sets. Jason and I are getting her a (used) microphone and mic stand. She is going to be so excited, I can't stand it!

Do you know what I have done with my own personal microphone at the age of eight? Join my cousin Audrey in front of the mirror and sing "Let's Get Physical" at the top of our lungs. And have no freaking idea what we were singing about. Precious naivety.

After the birthday shopping, I'll head downtown to the extraordinarily lovely Paramount Theatre for a matinee showing of "Gone With The Wind," the most wonderful southern movie of all time. I've watched old movies there before, but I am truly beyond words thrilled about the chance to see this epic movie on the big screen.
And if you don't think that I will audibly ooh and ahh and cry when Rhett leaves Scarlett at the end...well, then you just don't know me at all.


  1. With all the things we have in common, this is the biggest difference of them all. I hate Gone With The Wind. There I said it. Wow - I feel, well, free. Kind of like denouncing the Republican Party in front of all my friends at Baylor. This is what the NOW women felt like when they burned their bras, I am certain of that. Its just that if they had let Rhett go in to see Scarlett when she had the fever and was calling for him, then they never would have SPLIT!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRR it is so Three's Company!

  2. Oh and P.S. - "Lets Get Physical" is totally about aerobic exercise, isn't it?


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