Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Like Ants Marching

I haven't written about this yet, but since it's about to hit another part of the internet I probably should...

I am going to be starring in a major motion picture with Tom Cruise, I've converted to Scientology and I will only wear pegged jeans from now on.

Oh y'all, as if I would give in to this fashion horror ever again!

No, no Hollywood career for me. But our house is officially on the market and it will soon be listed on the realtor's website. This is the first step towards a bigger decision that has been months in the making. Sometime in the next months, we will be moving out of Texas to (most likely) Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The short version of "Why?" is that Abilene hasn't worked out for us in a number of ways. Careers for either one of us, church...and while we have a few key friends that have been a delight and an encouragement, after two years we still do not have a firm sense of community. Not enough to sustain us, anyway. Additionally, there is a fair amount of emotional baggage left from the way Jason was pushed out of his job last winter. So, after much counseling, prayer and deliberating, we have decided to leave.

Jason and I are generally neat folks (I think all my former roomates just choked upon reading that), so keeping the house looking good for potential buyers isn't a major concern. And I knew that sometime this morning, all the realtors from the company we are listed with would be dropping by for a tour. They do this every Wednesday in order to see all the newest listings. But I was also expecting a phone call from our realtor, letting me know that they were on the way.

So I'm sitting on the couch, esentially still in my pj's, watching another episode of America's Next Top Model, when the cars start rolling up. Oh. Crap. I now have about twenty seconds to put Knox in his crate, turn off the TV (a multiple step procedure), turn off and store my laptop, and throw on a bra and t-shirt. Seriously, it was the quickest I've ever moved since that giant flying cockroach attacked me, Carlye and Anna in our bathroom.

I managed to get everything done in time to greet the realtors at the door fully dressed if not a bit...rumpled. What followed was something unlike anything I had ever seen before. Twenty-odd realtors streamed into our house, spreading out in every direction to take it all in. Our realtor stood in the center of the house calling out things like, "All new appliances! New air and heating! Two car garage or shop out back!", as the others marched around the house mentally taking notes on selling points for potential buyers.

In just under five minutes, they were back in their cars and on their way to the next new listing.

You know what? I'm not sure they would have noticed if I hadn't put a bra on after all.


  1. Any specific reason for Chattanooga (besides the cool name)? I'm glad you'll be a little closer to Carolina!

  2. I'm sure you meant to say Chicago....not Chattanooga! Come live by me! It'll be super fun! Great theatre!!

  3. I think I just choked - and not because you aren't neat. I am sad. This day is sad. I'm sad that we have just begun our friendship...

  4. Oops, sorry. I was so distracted by Katie Holmes-Cruise's peg-rolled jeans that I nearly missed the big announcement here. Happy house-selling! Here's to a fresh start.

  5. i reread shack, too.... i'll send the pix in short order... i'll also send a surprise one that'll make you laff. loved seeing you if just for an hour.

    let's campaign for Durham.... he can buff floors with B-man... :)

  6. You are KILLING me!

  7. Great blog! I didn't even know you had one until I saw your recent comment on ours. I'll add you to my list of people I like to "stalk." Hee, hee. :)


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