Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Holding Our Horses

Well, it's a no-go on today's offer. A bachelor's final offer was eight grand below what we're asking AND he wanted us to take care of almost five grand in closing costs.

Mr. Country Bachelor? You do not receive a rose. Or a house.


Y'all did an outstanding job on captioning this photo. Really, I think you should all apply for a job with US Weekly's Fashion Police. In case you haven't read the comments, enjoy....

  • Krystle Carrington looking strong and confident despite Blake's continuous affair with Alexis Carrington Colby.
  • Does this dress make my knees look fat?
  • If Kenny could see me now.....
  • I just know that when Dylan McKay sees me in this dress at the Homecoming Dance, he will totally choose me over Brenda.
  • Dracula's wife called and wants her dress back.
  • Note to Self: Do not eat at Taco Bell before next movie premier. Note #2 to Self: Have PA purchase clutch-sized Charmin roll and Imodium disguised to look like cocaine. Remember pithy saying "coke is hot, diarrhea is not".
  • "Kristin Shepherd" may have shot JR, but Lucy Ewing Cooper is shooting to kill in this 1980 vintage Casual Corner gown.
  • Can somebody else come hold up this sign? My rear's getting tired.
  • Too chic for handbags, and needing both hands to crinch her waist at all times, Renee opts for a hands-free method of toting her lip gloss.
  • Surely this is the dress that will get me that Renee Zellweger Barbie doll!
  • Do I have this thing on upside-down?

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  1. Anonymous10:13 AM

    still praying God's very best for you! apparently it's still to come. I love good surprises - but the anticipation is killing me! ( your house, my baby...) praying - with thanksgiving.


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