Monday, September 08, 2008

Let's Compare, Shall We?

Britney Spears at last year's MTV Video Music Awards. This was supposed to be her big comeback post-divorce/shaved head/custody craziness.

Um, not so much. Bad weave, bad nails, really bad outfit.

Now, let's look at Britney at this year's VMA's.

Clearly, a vast improvement. Good hair, fabulous outfit, all ten fake nails intact. And she won in all three categories in which she was nominated. A comeback? Perhaps...but I think we can all agree that with Britney, you never know.

I have to confess, in years past I have been a HUGE fan of the VMAs. 'Cause, you know, of my mild obsession with all things pop culture related. But this year? Feeling a little apthetic about it all.

To start with, I felt my age a bit more than usual when I realized that I wouldn't know all the artists nominated. I also had to wonder how much longer MTV can get away with this awards show when they don't really show videos anymore. I'm waiting for their Real World/The Hills/Sweet Sixteen/Tila Tequila reality awards show any day now.

Other than that, I thought that...
- Russell Brand was fairly funny.
- Jordin Sparks gets my vote for sticking up for promise rings.
- I can't believe Christina Aguilera lipsynched. Such a disappointment because she actually has pipes!
- The Jonas Brothers performance? Made me a believer.
- Somebody needs to tell Ashley Simpson and Christina Aguilera that pregnant/nursing boobs need more coverage. When you can see veins, it stops being sexy.

Your thoughts?


  1. I thought Russell Brand was...sorta funny...sorta not funny. Couldn't decide.

    I too felt SOSOOOOO old watching all of out of the loop!

    As for Britney, heck yes she looked fabulous.

    But, I must say...I'm so tired of her "comebacks". I would be THRILLED to see her move to Podunk, Louisiana and raise those adorable boys of hers in a normal environment. I'd cheer for that "comeback"...Come Back to your KIDS!

    And the Jonas Brothers are a-dor-a-ble. And I say that in the way that one might describe a puppy. Because I'm OLD in case I didn't mention it. Love them, love their promise rings, love the hair.

    Night night.

  2. I'm so with you on the vein-boobs. Not cool.

  3. I've been inspired to find this footage on youtube and venture my own opinion on Ms. Spears. (I'm sure I'd agree with the vein boobs assessment.)

    Lu, your love of all things pop culture has never ceased to amaze me, so I am shocked to hear you might be bowing out. You used to bring People magazine to Christmas get-togethers when we were 8, for Pete's sake!

  4. ummm, is she grabbing her own butt?

  5. I'm with you on the nursing boobage action. Not pretty at all. And don't mind me, I'm just passing through :)
    PS- your header is so cute. Love it!


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