Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sixth Folder, Sixth Picture

A random blog I sometimes check on was tagged to do this:

Go to "My Pictures", pull up the sixth folder and post the sixth picture in it.

Curious cat that I am, I thought I'd give it a try and see what I found...

My sisters-in-law (from L to R): Anna, who is married to Jason's brother Shawn; Keva, who is married to Jason's brother Robert; and Angela, Jason's sister.

This was a rare gathering as we live in four different cities and two different states. It took Jason's younger brother's wedding to get us all together for this shot and we were bound and determined to get it before the weekend ended. The only one missing is Whitney, the newest Petree bride. But she had just left for her honeymoon, so we forgave her.

I married into a really great family and ended up with some pretty fabulous sisters-in-law as well. Funny, sassy, strong...just my style.


  1. eeewwww, now we know why I like to spend my time on the other side of the camera. You all look so beautiful...and I agree, what a great family to be part of!

  2. Keva, To be fair, this wasn't the best picture of ALL of us but I was following the rules. I'm a rule follower :)

    And you're gorgeous, you know it.


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