Friday, November 07, 2008


Jason brought home all our boxes, etc. from the storage unit yesterday. The majority of the boxes were mine, and the majority of my boxes are pictures and memorabilia. I'm a sentimental packrat and the nesting material is excessive.

I have the best intentions of getting everything in scrabooks someday. I'll let you know how that works out and if I actually accomplish anything before I send my first child off to school.

There were some pretty amazing things in the mix, items and pictures that made the memories come flooding back. Rather than teasing you by naming them and promising to blog about them sometime, I thought I would actually do it.

The first "Oh my gosh..." moment came when I uncovered a box of tapes. As in cassette tapes. We don't actually own a cassette tape player anymore but I have saved around forty to fifty tapes that would be worth putting on CD sometime soon.


"Shawn Colvin - Steady On" This tape was my first official introduction to folk music. My best friend in fifth and sixth grade was the daughter of a musician in Franklin, Tennessee. He must have made the tape for me after listening to it at their house. I remember being captured by Shawn's voice. The lonesome tambre resonated with the geeky loner I was at the time. I couldn't have made much of the lyrics at the age of eleven or twelve, but I knew that something in them rang true.


"Debbie Gibson - Electric Youth" Feel the power, you see the energy, comin' up, coming on strong...I wore this tape out. And dressed up like her for Halloween. But I've told you about this minor obsession before.


"Big Head Todd & The Monsters - Sister Sweetly" I hear these songs and I'm sweet sixteen, driving the family minivan with my brand new license, windows down, wind in my hair. Some of my guy friends gave me this tape at my Sweet Sixteen open house (on a Sunday afternoon, dorky but such a good memory) and it was the first thing I popped into the tape player.

I also came across some pretty great pics that made me smile...


Oh. Yeah. We partied like 80's rockstars back then. Still do now.

May 2000. UNC-Chapel Hill Graduation. Audrey and I, cousins and friends, just hangin' out in Kenan Stadium...

And these pics will be taking a prominent place on my fridge and bathroom mirror in the new house. Lord knows I could use some motivation to lose the extra poundage...



  1. Oh Lord.....when I saw the Electric Youth tape, I sang those lyrics in my head and as I kept reading I laughed out loud that we both thought the same thing.......

  2. I had the Electric Youth PERFUME. Not to mention the tape. Lord-a-mercy. The 6th grade locker bay would empty out when they smelled my electrification coming into town.

    And, I still love Sister Sweetly.

    Can't say the same for Debbie.


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