Monday, November 24, 2008

I Don't Think You Want The Recipes Right Now

Well, color me encouraged, y'all had some great things to say about my last post. It's comforting to know I'm not the first to venture into this situation. Thanks for your advice and even the suggestion of a specific church to visit. I am learning to be patient and extend grace to myself and those around me. Stay tuned...

Today I made the first rounds to collect substitute teacher applications from several private Christian schools in the area. My favorite part? I liked every single school I walked into. I mean, as far as first impressions go, these schools had it down. Kids were cheerful and polite; teachers appeared to be content and actually happy to be there; hallways and classrooms were bright and colorful; office staff and administrators were beyond helpful and encouraging. Sure, it's just a first impression but trust me, I have seen some awful schools since I left Trinity. Bitterly resentful teachers; rude and insolent students; dreary surroundings and just chaos in general. Ick.

I returned home to find Jason worse off than when I left him. You know how back in college, at the end of the semester, when you finally slowed down you'd get really sick? That's what he has. His work ethic is unreal and this week is the first time he's slowed down after a whirlwind month of wrapping things up at the old house and prepping this house as we moved in. So I have him settled on the couch with tissues, cough drops and the latest episode of "The Big Bang Theory".

{Pause to investigate noises from the kitchen...}

Ok, blog readers. Here's real life for you. I heard running water in the kitchen which meant Jason was cleaning up dinner which is clearly my job since he's sick. So I left my computer to go help him/scold him. Five minutes later we have a MAJOR leak under the sink requiring a full force clean out.

Then Jason starts puking.


So while I had planned to write a heartwarming post about cozying up on the couch on a cold, rainy night and the perfect meal to go with it, that will just have to wait.

You know what I've been telling myself for the last fifteen minutes? It could be worse. I could have a baby that needed looking after in the midst of all this. I mean, honestly y'all, it's all I can do at this point to keep up with the hubs and a certain freckle-faced dog.


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