Tuesday, November 18, 2008

One Minute and Eighteen Seconds

That is the magical goodness of all that is our new Comcast internet service.

That is how long it took to download an album off of iTunes. Fourteen songs and one digital booklet.

Do you know how long that would have taken out at the Country House? Forty-five minutes. AT LEAST.

If I wanted to make out with the internet before, I now want to bear its children. Ok, I just heard how creepy that sounds, so my love affair metaphor with the internet is now done.

We are still slowly but surely settling into the Mountain House. I'm growing quite fond of my ten minute winding trek up and down Signal Mountain as I run multiple errands to find new and creative ways to store all our stuff. The kitchen is completely unpacked and the dishwasher will be installed this week.

Oh yes, will be installed. It took me three days of living here to realize that there was no dishwasher as promised in the listing. Three days. I'm going to chalk that up to sheer exhaustion and our newfound love of eating out. Thankfully, our landlord is a rockstar and has jumped right on the problem.

Painting of the hallway and our bedroom is almost finished. The second bedroom is morphing into our walk-in closet thanks to Lowes' various hanging rack options. Knox is having to relearn how to be a mostly indoors dog.

But tonight I watched last week's episode of "Grey's Anatomy" on abc.com in High Definition Streaming without any delays, stalling or interruptions. Ah, sweet bliss.

And tomorrow? I get to run over to North Carolina and see Mom and Allie. Yup, just run right over. A short five hour drive.

Lord almighty, I love Tennessee.


  1. That is fast!

    When you get a minute, send my your address using your super-speedy connection!

    xo sth

  2. hurry up and go meet my gnochi bean. :)


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