Thursday, December 04, 2008

Things I Am Waiting On

  • Our Christmas card pictures and new address labels to get here so I can start one of my favorite things of the season.

  • My boys in blue to start playing some ACC teams. I mean these trouncings are fun to watch and all, but I want some conference bragging rights.

  • Knox to be completely trained with his new wireless fence so we can let him roam safely and significantly diminish the pacing he does inside. It's starting to make me crazy.

  • The email that tells me I've won the perfect gift for our two nephews. I would post a link but their mama reads this blog and I don't want to ruin the surprise for her either! Jason and I headed out to do the Christmas shopping for the kiddos today and had so much fun picking out just the right thing for each one. No Hannah Montana image-laden crap, though. Ick.

  • Our trip to NC in sixteen days for the Cruise Family Christmas. Last year, we went under some pretty traumatic circumstances, so I'm looking forward to a more lighthearted experience this time around. And food. Lots and lots of southern food.

And the last thing I am waiting on, I won't have to wait much longer because it happens tonight! Through the glorious bloggy goodness that is BooMama and Big Mama, I was introduced to the music of Travis Cottrell . Perhaps you'd noticed in my sidebar last week that I have been listening to his Christmas album "Ring The Bells". And when I say listening, I mean it's in constant rotation on my iPod. Seriously y'all, one of the best Christmas albums EVER.

Well. He is kicking off his Christmas Tour tonight in Thompson Station, TN. When I saw that it was a mere two hours away, I twittered Miss Amy Beth (she of Ministry So Fabulous, more bloggy goodness you should definitely check out) and asked if she was interested in going. See, one of the perks of moving here has been that a blogger friend has become a real friend and I certainly found a kindred spirit in Amy Beth. She replied with a resounding yes (so did her cousin, Kate) and so we are taking one girly roadtrip to get our awesome-musicians-backed-by-a-full-choir-sing-breathtaking-Christmas-songs fix.

It's nice to be near good music again.

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  1. Thanks so much for the link to Travis Cottrell! He is a new artist to me. AWESOME!


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