Friday, December 12, 2008

What Could Have Been

If you haven't already discovered it, there is a gem of a site titled "Yearbook Yourself". Do not visit this site unless you are actively trying to procrastinate or want to completely shut out your surroundings.

I'm thinking the women in the following pictures need names and a brief description. So if you're feeling creative (or just want to openly make fun of me), pick one, any one, and show me what you got...






  1. Hello Cruise family resemblance! In one you look more like your mom (my mom says you look like your mom in all of them), in another you look like Aunt Joann, and the other you don't so much resemble one of them, but it's possible that Grandpa could hang it on the wall and have a 6th daughter.

    I'm no good at caption-writing.
    xo sth

  2. D. The eighties called. They want their hairspray back.

    (My favorite is B...very cute:)

  3. C is hilarious...I giggled out loud. The class stopped with their review and looked at me.

  4. A) Even with her receding hair line, Betty Rae was confident that her Senior Year photo would be the best EVER.
    B) Homecoming queen? Check! Senior class favorite? Check! Quarterback boyfriend I will marry after 1 year at Fashion School? Check! Check!
    C) Voted most likely to run the local library.
    D) Hurry and take the damn picture! Tiffany and Debbie Gibson are at the mall and I must have my posters SIGNED!

  5. Disclaimer for the above post:

    C) I think librarians kick butt and I know how much schooling that requires. Just a joke!

    B) My mom went to fashion school and my mom kicks butt, too! NOT knocking that either. Just kind of how things were back then!

  6. Anonymous7:43 PM

    B is so you! It is very Mary TYler Moorish.


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