Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I gladly sacrificed my typical wake up time of 9:30-10:00 am this morning (have I mentioned how I need to be put into the substitute system ASAP? BECAUSE I AM LAZY WITHOUT A JOB) so that I could watch all of the inauguration proceedings. I don't even mind the (sometimes senseless) banter by the news anchors. Diane Sawyer, while waiting for President Bush and President-elect Obama to leave the White House and watching people mill around just inside the doorway, commented, "It's interesting to watch the silhouettes. They too speak of an unknown future."

I'm calling that one a bit of a stretch.

Still, this is all so exciting! It's history! This is truly something that our country has never seen and I am grateful for the luxury of watching every single moment. And from the cozy perch of my warm living room. Good lord, those people on the Mall are dedicated.

The fly in this honey of a day actually started yesterday. A former student of the school where I taught posted a racist comment as her Facebook status. My heart fell as I read it (I have known this girl to be bright, truly intelligent) and fell even further as I read the comments her peers added.

A private written conversation between the student and I ensued. In the process her (or rather, her parent's) political views were made clear and I certainly had no intention of persuading her to change them. Rather, I hoped to impress the point that whatever our political affiliations may be we, as Americans, are called to respect the office of the President of the United States.

So many of you left very kind comments on yesterday's post. You have no idea how blessed I feel that I received the education that I did while at Moore. Sadly, I am also aware that, like some of you mentioned, it is an education that children today do not often receive- neither at school nor in the home.

But I also know many parents and some wonderful schools that do teach these things. Respect, appreciation, consideration of the journey that our country has made. And as I perused the many blog posts that spoke of today's inauguration I was intensely grateful for the overhwelming feeling that, no matter who you voted for, today is certainly a historical moment and (if you're so inclined) our new president deserves and needs our prayers as he embarks on this immense journey.

So I'm going to put the computer down now and soak it all in.

And wait with bated breath to see what gown Michelle chose for tonight.


  1. I agree with you completely. We must pray for President Obama and respect him as our country's leader. Great post! I am back to watching the inauguration. Have a great today soaking up the history. Love & blessings!

  2. I have had the coverage on at my desk all day (meaning I've done NO work all day as well) and am in awe of the emotion and ceremony of it all!!

    I am hopeful that whatever dress Michelle chooses for tonight, it will be better than the Chartreuse number she had on for the ceremony.

  3. Your words are spot on. While I will admit that I did not vote for Obama nor do I agree with his political views, I do respect him as our President. I will say that the man has a gift for public speaking and his words have united so many in these troubled times. One nation....

  4. Leslie,
    It's interesting that you write this today. I had this EXACT conversation at our home today (while we were home due to snow!). As you know, we are a mixed political view household. I like to believe that it gives our children the opportunity to think for themselves and figure out what they believe as they grow up exposed to both views.

    That's why I quickly pointed out when DH made a snide comment about not wanting to watch the innauguration that no matter our political affiliation, Obama IS NOW our President and is due our respect, honor, and prayers. Period.

    But kudos to you for still trying to be a role model for your students even after you are no longer their teacher. That speaks volumes about you. Of course I already knew that....


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