Monday, June 22, 2009

Freckles = Rascally

On days when Knox takes one of these…

new gloves

And turns it into this…


I reeeeeally have to work hard at remembering him like this…

100_2036 100_2084100_2072

Because otherwise he would end up sleeping outside. FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK.


  1. Oh God love that little face. At least you still have landscaping- ours have stripped all the bushes bare. We still have no internet at our house- i'm having to hijack my parents computer. We have AC again thank the Lord.

  2. Mmmm-hm. I have to do that with my cats. Unfortunately for one of them, she wasn't that cute as a kitten. The other one, though? Cutest thing I've ever seen (you know, aside from my daughter) - and it ALMOST makes up for the time she peed on all my bills.


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