Friday, June 05, 2009

Pomp & Circumstance

On Friday May 10th, I watched another milestone in my younger sister’s life.


Thankfully, there were plenty of us to record the occasion. We in The Cruise Family are nothing if not camera-ready.DSC_0031

As I watched Allie walk across the stage, I thought about how hard she had worked for this moment. Long hours of studying, a fulltime part-time job, serving in the Air National Guard, two voluntary deployments to Afghanistan, more studying and lots of personal sacrifice. I don’t know another graduate more worthy of a college/life degree.


So yeah, I guess you could say I was just a wee bit proud.


We all were, so there were lots of smiles and laughter to be found on this warm May evening…

DSC_3333Our Mom DSC_3355 The Cruise AuntiesDSC_3375 Our second set of parents- Aunt Betsy & Uncle Todd

{For the rest of the graduation day pictures, click below. Go for the slideshow view, it’s fabulous}


After the pomp and circumstance, came the party! Allie rented a suh-weet mountain house up in Blowing Rock for her friends and Betsy and Todd generously opened their mountain house up to family.


What followed was a weekend of never-ending amounts of scrumptious food and beverage, story telling, celebrating and perhaps a cigar or two.

DSC_3484I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, food always tastes better when prepared by a handsome man!DSC_3480  What can I say? We are not afraid to belly up to the bar.DSC_3504 There were speeches…DSC_3549 And toasts. Plus a mug with questions every graduate should be able to answer. Let’s just say Allie got a much deserved pass.DSC_3624 Even Maximus got in on the action! Hey, I’m not his owner. Apparently Allie lets him party now and again.DSC_3630 As we pondered what was to come next, the party kicked into high gear. Jason and I hung in there until about 1:30 a.m. and thought we were doing good. But noooo, those dang kids showed us up and partied into the wee hours. It was whispered that there were those who were still reveling mere hours before breakfast. Ah, youth…

{To see more graduation party pictures, click below & opt for the slideshow}


And was there ever a breakfast! My pictures don’t do justice but a simple meal of pancakes, biscuits, bacon and fresh berries was ample fare for all who came.

DSC_0202What can I say? They went as quickly as Jason could flip them!DSC_0230 It was a gorgeous morning…perfect for a chat on the deck…DSC_0208DSC_0210 DSC_0211The Edens are here! Mary Beth was our picture window neighbor (just across the street) and a second mom to Allie and I through our teen years.DSC_0220Chas and Allie spent many an morning, afternoon and night climbing trees and building forts as kids. They were fast friends and it seems only appropriate that, in spite of their age difference, they would graduate from college on the same day. A proud NC State alumnus, Chas will be managing Peacehaven Farm, working to develop a sustainable farm as part of a community where folks with disabilities can live.


The weekend was perfection. So what’s next for Allie? A commission in the Air Force! The word came last week and it’s official. In Allie’s words, “Let's be honest, I've dreamed of being an officer in the United States Air Force since I first saw Top Gun (even though that was the Navy) and now it's happening!!” I love you, little sister, and can’t wait for the next ceremony that marks another goal accomplished…



  1. I am just so glad you're back . . . I love all your pictures - and your hair looks gorgeous in that last one!! :-)

  2. BEAUTIFUL pics! I love the one of every one poised and ready with their cameras! That was priceless!

    And the mountain views were amazing! Congrats again to your sis!!

  3. This is a beautiful post, Leslie!! Makes me wish I had a sister:)

  4. I am in tears. The love you (and your family) have for your sister is so obvious in these pictures.

    Congrats to your sister!

  5. Jenny Hobbs9:47 AM

    Wow, haven't seen the Edens in forever! Can't believe Chas is all grown up! Good to see pics of your family and Congrats to Allie!

  6. Thanks for sharing your celebrations. Looks like a wonderful and memorable time.

  7. Many congratulations to your sister! That's wonderful! It looks like y'all had a great time. Also - I love your new haircut.


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