Wednesday, July 29, 2009

And now you’re wondering why you even read this blog.

I got nothing. NOTHING. So you get pictures of my ridiculous dog.

DSC_0021Slept like this as a puppy. Still does it.

DSC_0059Every time we’re in the car, this is where you can find him.

DSC_0067Bokeh, anyone? Eh? Eh?

DSC_0096How can you not love a happy dog like this?

DSC_0068Oh my lord, he is so weird.

DSC_0046Mopey Moperson.

DSC_0312So totally embarrassed in his too small Tennessee Vols sweater.

DSC_0011Oh yes, he gives high fives.

Ok, life won’t really kick into high gear until next week when I FINALLY GET INTO MY CLASSROOM!! And then I’ll have all sorts of lovely stories about nesting and new students and getting back into gear as a teacher. Until then, I need some inspiration. So. Be one of the first three people to leave a comment with a blog post suggestion and I promise to write about it.

Within reason, people. 


  1. Oh I so badly want to have some really fun and clever idea for you, but I just finished cooking dinner for my mom and 6 of her friends (birthday present) and I swear my feet have heart beats and I'm too tired to sleep.

    Maybe there's something there- tiredness- because that's what you'll be suffering from in a couple of weeks- hang on!

    And Go Vols- I've eaten so much this week my UT sweater is going to fit me like the dog's!

    Ugggh- I'm rambling- in a comment- don't you hate that? I told you I was tired.

    See ya!

  2. I love the picture of the head hanging out of the window...

    such a cute fur baby...

    How about how you got your fur-baby... on purpose, a stray, found? whats the story on that ball of furry cuteness?

  3. I would like you to do a post about some of the decorating you've done in your house or decorating you've done in former classrooms!!!

  4. Write about how you and Jason met (I don't know), write some recipes or helpful tips on how you've lost 13 glorious pounds, or write about how much you miss Texas!


  5. Hi, I saw your comment on Becca's page this morning and I came over to say hi. I love your dog. And I adore your bokeh. Adore. Adore. Adore :)

  6. Leslie! hey. it's me, Robin (Sterrett) Plemmons. I stumbled across your blog (obviously) awhile ago & have read here & there but I had to write you cause i was re-reading an old journal of mine last night & came across an entry where I met you! Brad brought you to town to meet his friends & you stayed with me. I really liked you & we went out late one night to buy InStyle & krispy kreme donuts. How funny!

    i'm glad to see you're doing well & am very impressed (& encouraged) with your lifestyle change! Oh, & your dog is very cute!

  7. I hear ya'...but have to say I'm a sucker for other people's pet photos.

  8. No ideas, but I sure do love your dog!

  9. Nope. Not wondering at all!

    And for the record, I love ridiculous pictures of your dog. Or was that pictures of your ridiculous dog? Either way - rather enjoyed them. :)

  10. what a precious dog! i love the picture of him looking out the window!

  11. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Dangit...I wasn't one of the first three...I HATE to lose!
    Oh are looking FABULOUS!! I know your face well enough to see it! And...Ollie so needs to run and play with Knox. And YES that sweater is ridiculous! Getting excited about teaching? I have never known you to be excited about that...NOT!
    Maybe we can do pen pals...maybe we can e mail while we are in school and share "moments" almost like back in the day? Excited for you!


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