Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Truly, a scanner is a glorious thing.

Perhaps it’s that I’m in complete and utter denial that there are over 4,000 pictures from the Petree Family Beach Trip for me to pore through, select and edit. Perhaps it’s that there is nothing all that noteworthy happening in my life. Perhaps it’s because I am completely uninspired when it comes to the written word these days.

For whatever reason, you’re getting more scanned pictures. Shoot, I might even make it this week’s theme! Let’s start the embarassment, shall we? I give you, fashion choices of Leslie in the late 1990’s…

3This was taken at my sixteenth birthday party on our back deck. Oh, how cute, a party with my friends, how very sixteen of me. No, what you can’t see is that I actually had an open house for my party to which I invited not only my friends but other adults, their children and my entire extended family.

Not so much rowdy as dork.

I chose my ensemble carefully for this big day. Mom actually let me splurge and we ventured into The Limited. Yes, those are cream colored jeans. Yes, that is a ruffled blouse. And yes, that is a cream embroidered vest. And yes, my hair was that big naturally.

12I adored this baby doll dress. Never mind that it made me look five months pregnant. Also, I’m pretty sure that Wake Forest Graduation took place before Memorial Day. Why someone didn’t rip those white hose and shoes off of me, I’ll never know.

16Senior year of high school, getting ready to go to The Snowball which was an exclusive dance, invitation only. I paid someone to make my hair look like that. Camille? Lovely, elegant, classic. Me? Something akin to Mary Tyler Moore.

20 Nesting in my brand new freshman dorm room in Hinton-James at UNC-Chapel Hill. Is it possible for my shorts to sit any higher on my body?

27Ah, yes. The year of the overalls. Also the year of “Why don’t I just make my hair look like an afro cowlick hot mess?” and apparently the season of velour amongst the cousins. I’m going to make a pretty good guess that this was also before my dear friend Sarah Ferg taught me how to tweeze my eyebrows.

31Again, the overalls. Again, the hot mess of a hairstyle.

40 Pictures at Windy Gap before heading off to see Sarah Ferg make her Asheville debutante debut. Ok, so this isn’t terrible. I’ve managed to tame the hair and while I scored the dress on sale at Ross {or TJ Maxx, not sure}, I neglected to realize that it was a.) about four inches too short for a formal event and b.) eerily mimicking my beloved overalls.

Tomorrow? I bust out the high school yearbooks…


  1. Is it wrong that I really miss overalls? Perhaps I'll start wearing them again and see if it catches on...

    Great pics. I enjoyed a hardy chuckle at your expense. Thanks.

  2. I loved ruffled blouses. I remember having a white peasant blouse with a ruffled collar. Loved it!

    And I had a great pair of purple overalls. Loved them, too!

    Can't WAIT for more scanned photos. I do love this game. :)

  3. Shoot... I STILL wear overalls!!

    LOVE these pics... the baby doll dress so reminded me of Donna Martin from 90210!!!

  4. oh i love these pictures

  5. Leslie! What a great writer you are! We have a lot in common even all these years later! I am so glad to have found you! I can't wait to stay connected!

  6. Go easy on yourself with the white shoes. Isn't the rule No white shoes before Easter?
    I will admit there are days when I miss my dear overalls. I truly felt cute when I wore them.

  7. Oh my goodness! I know SO MANY people in these pictures. Holy cow. I am so glad you had what you would call a "dork" 16th birthday party.

    Kristy (Sipek...remember her?) and I are always talking about our dorky parties with our non-alcohol drinking friends and our parents and their friends around. They were SO FUN though!!

  8. Well, I think the pictures are awesome! :) Great memories!


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