Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Next thing you know, I’ll be taking advantage of the early bird dinner special.

So I had this great post all worked out in my head. It’s all about the changes I’ve noticed in myself as a teacher. Specifically, the difference between teaching as a single gal and now, as a married woman.

Only, you’re not getting that post tonight.

Sorry. You’ll get it sometime.

But it is 9:25 and in about five minutes I am turning my lamp off and going to sleep.

You see, apparently I have forgotten those glorious first two weeks of the school year when no matter how much sleep you’re getting, you are completely freaking exhausted. I suppose going from speaking only to my dog and husband all day to talking with/giving directions to/answering questions/listening to thirteen eight year olds will do that to you.

Not that I am complaining. Believe me, I’m loving every minute of it.

Kind of like I will love every minute of the sleep I’m about to get.

Night night.


  1. 16 years and I am still absolutely dumbfounded by the exhaustion.

  2. I'm really behind on posting, and I'm trying to get caught up. Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say I'm really glad you are enjoying the start of the school year, even if you are exhausted! The world needs more teachers like YOU!

  3. Hubs made fun of me for being in the bed by 9pm. He doesn't understand how tired teaching makes you. By the time I get home from school and practice my patience is gone and my feet are killing me.

  4. That's something no one but a teacher (or similar profession) really understands. Being "on" all day like that just saps all your strength.

  5. i hope the rest of your week went well and you get some much deserved rest this weekend! i saw that you have a teacher blog, i love that! thanks for entering the contest, i'd love to still cut some letters for you. check out the blog for details!


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