Monday, November 23, 2009

Saints & Strangers

This past Friday was “Pilgrim and Native American Indian Day” at my school and the majority of the students and teachers dressed up to celebrate Thanksgiving with their classes before the start of our break.  Our third graders just finished studying the Jamestown and Plymouth colonies and we culminated the end of the unit with a reenactment of the first Thanksgiving feast. The kids came in their costumes {promised extra credit in Social Studies class was an added incentive} and we had such a fun day!

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To see more pictures {with captions} head right over here!

I’m heading to North Carolina to celebrate my week long Thanksgiving break with my middle school/high school/college friends in Winston-Salem and then with my mom and sister down in Hickory. Allie and I are even running an 8k race on Thanksgiving morning in Charlotte to assuage any guilt that may follow from our decadent dinner.

I highly recommend that strategy.

I’ll try and post from the road but in the meantime, what is the moment in the last year for which you are most thankful?


  1. Sarah2:11 AM

    What a great post. I love the baby. ha ha I am most thankful for a few things in my life: My savior, my family, and great friends to share time together. Be safe and good luck in your race.

  2. I would have been really thankfule for one of those turkey cookies! Seriously, thankful for lots of moments this year- but mainly that we have enjoyed good health- we have two friends, a 3-year old little girl and a dad of two little ones- who both have leukemia. Have fun in NC!

  3. How adorable does everyone look! Especially you with your little papoose!

  4. I cannot beleive that your mom and sister are in Hickory. I live in Lincolnton. Good luck with your race!

  5. Hooray for Turkey Trots! Have a wonderful time with your family! This year has been overflowing with blessings, but if I had to pick one moment that rendered me full to bursting with gratitude, it was learning that our little turkey was on the way. My heart has never been so full.

  6. I am most thankful for the moment I put down the last box in my new apartment. It was a long time coming...

  7. Is it cliche that I am thankful for the birth of our first baby? Not at all. My list is long for sure! A kind and gentle Savior, sweet family to share our son with, a husband interviewing for residency, generosity of friends, good Christian community, could go on and on!

    Remember when my mom made pilgrim costumes? Did your mom make one for you and Allie? Those cute girls brought back memories!

    Love you girl!

  8. What fun! I especially love that picture of you - you're the cutest! :-)


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