Monday, January 25, 2010

The Sun’ll Come Out…

When? Oh, when will the sun come out?! After sub-freezing temperatures through Christmas break and New Year’s we had more sub-freezing temperatures and nothin’ but grey skies. Can you say indoor recess? Now, normally I adore indoor recess. Kids play sweetly and quietly while I grade papers {or surf the web}….

Yeah, not so much with this group.

Mostly, I spend the time mediating spats over the Twister game, reminding the boys the Jenga pieces are for building not throwing, and begging my resident drama queens that play “kittens” to keep their meows down to a dull roar. Fun times, right? Finally, the temps rose above freezing and we were released to head back outside for recess. Hallelujah!

And then the rain came. Sigh.

Besides throwing a wrench in my recess plans, all this arctic wet weather has seriously derailed my running routine. Because, honestly, what would you rather do on your Christmas/New Year’s break? Run outside in nineteen degrees or snuggle up inside with your hubby and make super yummy Pioneer Woman recipes? I hate to break it to y’all, but the Pioneer Woman won and won big.

So I’m off my running game. I’m amazed {and a little worried} that after just a few weeks off, I feel so sluggish. A few pounds have snuck their way back in but that’s not a major concern for me. That’s not what the lifestyle change was about after all. Instead I want to feel that energy and strength that comes when I’m running three to four times a week. Not to mention the gloriously deep sleep that follows it. Because, note to self? Indulging the eleven o’clock late night craving for popcorn does not a full night’s sleep make.

What I’ve learned when I’m off my game is that it is vitally important to just take that one step back into the healthy routine. I managed to nail down a three mile run today and plan to do several more before the rain returns on Thursday.

The darn, danged, rob-me-of-my-indoor-recess-peace rain.

Anybody have some stellar indoor games I can teach my kids? Because Twister may just be the death of me yet.


  1. Well, I was in charge of a group of 20 elementary aged kids three weeks in a row, and we were confined to the indoors as well. Among their favorites were the Doggy-Doggy game where there's a "lost bone," Good Morning Mister Judge, and Heads Up Seven Up...I'm guessing you've exhausted all of those by now by the looks of your post.

  2. I know Google has TONS of ideas for indoor games... check it out..

    I know cabin fever is affecting me myself!! MERCY... give me some sunshine!

  3. I don’t have any ideas for you, but I can’t imagine being cooped up with a classroom full of kids! Being cooped up with MYSELF was bad enough!! Hey, I can’t remember if I’ve asked you yet (sorry!): are you going to Blissdom next week?

  4. I'm figuring you want something they can do without supervision. My students love playing dots - where you draw lines in order to see who can make the most boxes. It keeps them entertained for a very long time! Hangman is also a good alternative. They can switch back and forth giving each other words. Hope these help.

  5. God, I loved me some headsup7up when I was a kid.

  6. Totally just realized that your blogs are no longer coming to Google Reader now that you've gone private! Feel like I've missed out on so much!

    I'm loving that you're blogging more now.. hope the weather clears up! oh, and come to Texas!!!


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