Sunday, March 07, 2010

And the Oscar goes to…

{I think I’ve done all the post-show editing I can on this post. Check for updates made since last night, if you’d like!}

{I’ll be live blogging the entire show so just keep hitting refresh and scroll down. Or don’t. It’s totally your call on how informed you’d like to be tomorrow morning at work.}

8:06 p.m.

Let’s get started with a little red carpet fashion, shall we?

This is exactly how I’d want to be photographed at the Oscars. Laughing, young, gorgeous, statuesque and lovely in lavender. I’ve yet to see Zoe* have a fashion miss this awards season.

zoe2{*I will be referring to all the celebs by first name only. It’s what I do and, besides, it helps me keep up the illusion that I’m BFF with all of them.}

Actor Zac Efron arrives at the 82nd Annual Academy Awards at the

Zac? Your faux hawk is adorable. And so are you. Spencer Pratt could stand to take some serious lessons from this young man.

59837039 meryl christopher and helen

I never appreciate age appropriate gowns more than at the Oscars. All three of these women do it well every dang time. Stunning.

sjp and matthew

SJP is wearing one of a kind Chanel and sporting some serious Barbara Streisand hair. This picture doesn’t do it justice but Robin aptly described it as “bulbous.”Still, she and Matthew are darling. He reminds me of my adorable husband what with the sexy salt & pepper hair. Yup, I went there.


Well played, Molly, well played. Very Cleopatra-like.


J-Lo is on a red carpet roll! And I love how soft her hair is. This is what I really wanted my wedding hair to look like. Oh well.

queen latifah

Where the heck did Queen Latifah go? She looks stunning but I hope she’s not bending too far to the pressure of Hollywood.


Ok. A: Stand up straight. B: When you’re being interviewed on national TV, oh bratty one, it’s usually a good idea to smile and be gracious. Get over yourself. Ugh. Actually, take a lesson from our next star…


Gabby is having the time of her life and isn’t afraid to show it! Check out what she told Ryan Seacrest on E!- “GET IT. ALL OF THIS," she commands them. "Let me tell you something about this dress. If fashion was porn, this dress is the money shot, and you KNOW IT.” She is unabashedly proud of herself and I love it. Work it, girl.


I’m not sure how I feel about George’s longer hair. Your thoughts?

{Post show edit: On closer inspection, all of us bridesmaids totally wore Elisabetta’s dress in Debo’s wedding and rocked it way better than she is. See? scan0001

If I ever get to go to the Oscars, I’m totally pulling out this dress. And losing the additional 10 pounds I’d need to in order to fit into it}


Lovely. Simply lovely. And it makes me want to go watch Rachel in “The Notebook” right now.

Actress Tina Fey arrives at the 82nd Annual Academy Awards held

Love this! I think I like Tina so much because she reminds me of my cousin Audrey. Aud, I totally think you could pull this off.


Oh, I don’t know. Do we really need to talk about this trainwreck? Let’s move on to the ceremony!!

8:34 p.m.

Well, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better start to the Oscars. All the Best Actor and Best Actress nominees, NEIL PATRICK HARRIS, and Alex and Steve arriving very Glinda-esque. Genius.


Co-hosts Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin onstage during the 82nd A

8:44 p.m.

I can’t decide if George is really pissed at Alex and Steve’s jokes {which are brilliant, by the way, love the one directed at Taylor Lautner and Zac Efron} or just playing along for the joke itself.


“Take a good look at us guys. This is you in five years.”

8:55 p.m.

The only movies nominated for Best Picture that I’ve seen are “The Blind Side” and “Avatar”. I know it won’t win but if you haven’t seen the wonder that is Sandra Bullock in that movie, GO FORTH AND WATCH IT.

Cameron? Well done. The hair, make-up, dress- you finally look like a grown up.


8:58 p.m.

HOORAY!! “Up!” for Best Animated Feature!!! If you’ve seen it and you haven’t met my Knox yet, he’s exactly like Dug in the movie. “I have just met you and I love you.”


9:02 p.m.

I think Amanda’s a little hacked she got stuck with Miley. After all, Amanda has class, a legitimate singing voice {Have you heard her in “Mamma Mia!”?} AND acting career and infinitely better style. I’d be ticked too.


9:10 p.m.

After the “District 9” clips, I’m not sure I’ll be watching that anytime soon. Does anyone else have a guess as to how long it’s going to take to introduce ten nominees for Best Movie?

9:13 p.m.

While Tina deals with Robert, I need to show you a shot of the glorious Sandra. I think she’s a little nervous because normally she doesn’t look this…tense. But seriously, that dress? Delightfully old Hollywood. And gold lame. Girlfriend ain’t afraid.


{Post-show edit: Ok, now this is the Sandy we all know and love. Seriously, that husband of hers is just a big teddy bear. Did you see him tear up during her acceptance speech? Love that.}

sandra-bullock and jesse

9:21 p.m.

John Hughes added so much to pop culture as we know it and gave a natural and authentic voice to teens. We need a filmmaker like him again. And that’s about as serious as this will get tonight.


9:24 p.m.

OMG, a mere five seconds of that amazing marriage montage from “Up!” and I’m a blubbering mess. It wrecks me every single time!

ellie and carl

9:38 p.m.

Eh. Totally predictable Ben Stiller move. But that tail is impressive.


9:51 p.m.

If it wasn’t so graphically violent, I would really love to see “Precious.” Still, I am glad for the message they are calling out and for how the work is being recognized.


9:57 p.m.

Sorry, y’all, but I’m having a hard time coming up with anything to blog about. There is NOTHING INTERESTING HAPPENING. All the awards are a given. Yawn.

Congratulations, Mo’Nique! I love this Billie Holiday look…

Monique 10:13 p.m.

I twittered it earlier but it’s worth saying again. Clearly, Charlize did not have girlfriends with her this afternoon who would’ve told her, “Oh, honey, HAIL no.”


10:19 p.m.

Typically I’m a big fan of any kind of Oscars montage. The horror genre? Not so much. I think it’s time to fix a bowl of ice cream.

10:34 p.m. {from Twitter}

aadlard: @Laru Kristen Stewart totally awkward coughed during her presentation? Wha???

Laru: @aadlard I can't even. Why does she keep getting invited to these things?!?!

Laru: @aadlard And did you see Taylor's face when she did? He's all, "Pull it together, this is the Oscars, not the MTV VMA's!"

aadlard: @Laru It's hard. Very very hard to be so cool.


10:38 p.m.

Not that the Oscars needed to try to wring another tear from me…but James Taylor singing behind the montage honoring those who passed away? Le sob.


10:48 p.m.

So completely confused why they have dancers performing for the Best Score nominees but completely cut out performances of the Best Song nominees. BORING.

10:51 p.m.

Ok, I take it back. No so boring after all. Pretty inventive, actually.

dance for score

11:00 p.m.

Ok, I think that “Modern Family” commercial featuring Oscars charades is the most entertained I've been in the last hour.

11:24 p.m.

Now THIS is the part I love, this change that the Academy Awards made last year- multiple actors and actresses introducing the nominees for Best Actor and Best Actress. It’s all about relationships, people.

11:34 p.m.

I adore a heartfelt tribute to the parentals. Well done, Lloyd and Dorothy Bridges…

jeff wins2

11:36 p.m.

They’re promising me some Barbara. I’ll totally stay up for that!

p_0011211:42 p.m.

Stanley Tucci is going to talk about Meryl. Oprah is going to talk about Gabby. And I will weep. 


11:52 p.m.

I’m all vuhklempt. I may have to blog more about Sandra’s wonderful acceptance speech tomorrow.

sandy wins 12:14 a.m.

Annnnd I’m spent. I’ll see what else I can recap and what other pictures I can add tomorrow. Good night from Hollywood! Or Chattanooga.


  1. this is fun! love your Oscar blawgin'!

  2. Oh just made my night. I had to work on the mean streets of The Dash tonight busting criminals and missing all the Oscar fashions. I walked in the door and without even taking my gun belt off came to the computer praying that you had done a Oscar blog. I read it while laughing out loud. Your recaps are the absolute bomb!! Thank you thank you!! I am going to go watch Sandra's acceptance speech since I DVR'd the show. And I agree on Charlize...what is that hot mess she is wearing???

  3. George needs a haircut and Miley needs to eat a biscuit. And what was Charlize thinking??????

  4. LOVE your recap! And can I just tell you how much I cried during Sandra's acceptance speech. I saw The Blind Side twice I loved it so much! But it was a tough choice b/c I loved Meryl in Julia and Julie and consider it one of my favorite movies. Precious was, for me, a hard movie to watch b/c of the violence, yet it was such an amazing work. I mean, hey, it has Lenny Kravitz in it, so it has to be good, huh? =) But all in all, I'm glad Sandra won. She and what she represents in that movie deserve the award. Now I'm going to go compose myself after watching her speech once more on Youtube.

  5. Anonymous10:33 AM

    I look forward to this every year now, Leslie! ;-) Was thinking about you last night as I was watching.

  6. Fantastic run down. I totally have to disagree with your love for Gabby...I can't stand her...I don't get it. I am with you on Miley...what a joke. And her comment about being nervous? Lame! Though you didn't mention what a joke Cameron Diaz was presenting...nightmare! I feel like she always chokes? hm. and I LOVED Sandy! Poor Molly R. was so nervous, I could barely watch when she started talking. It was a lovely show...watched at lightening speed on the DVR the day after! :)

  7. i think George should date Anna instead...she is way more beautiful than this chic he is with! I was afraid her dress might fall off or that how it is supposed to fit?

  8. Didn't watch, never do, really. But loved your blogpost. It's all about the dresses, really, and I'm grateful you pulled them all together here for me!
    Look back at the SJP photo, though. Right hand: cigarette? Maybe if I had watched I would know...please tell me it's some strange ring or something.


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