Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Out & About

One of my favorite things about my cell phone is that it has a camera that takes fairly decent pictures. I usually don't make it out of Walmart without taking a picture of some wacko item  they're selling. I've been known to sneak pictures of people wearing ridiculous outfits or, as you'll see soon, myself in ridiculous outfits. 

I finally uploaded over a hundred pictures from my phone to my computer today and thought I'd share some choice ones with y'all. It might give you a snapshot {tee hee!} of what my days have been like in the last few months...

A glorious after-school-hallelujah-it's-Friday treat! And Sandra Bullock? One classy dame.

My Mother's Day gift to my Marmee. A fabulous excuse to break out my boxes of ribbon and paper! There's this awesome store/warehouse here in Chatt {Southeastern Salvage} that sells these market baskets in all sorts of colors and a giraffe and zebra print. I bought a giraffe print basket for myself and I think I can safely say it's made me one of the sassiest green shoppers at our local Walmart.

My friend Sarah and I saw these beauties {the shoes, not my feet} at Belk's and they were marked somewhere around $85. I spotted them a week later at this fabulous discount shoe store for $25! I didn't get them then because, honestly, the chance of my attending a formal event anytime soon was about as likely as the chance that someone might convince the entire Lohan family to quietly slip into oblivion. But part of my sister's graduation from OTS {more on that in a bit} is a formal dinner and these would be FANTASTIC with the dress I'm wearing. Hmmmmm...

Me and my pup. Summer evening. Tennis ball chasing for him = happy, happy dog.

Just Say the romper. {Lordamercy, the things I do for this blog.}

I spotted this the other week at Southeastern Salvage and I'm wondering if I couldn't somehow paint something like this myself. A ghetto version, for sure, but it would be cheaper than buying this one. Or maybe this is just a vision of what I'd like a room in our someday house to look like. 

An absolutely delicious summer evening on the shore of the Tennessee River getting ready to hear Sheryl Crowe at Riverbend.

Now I am all for a big ol' hat but this was a little much, even for me.

The next time I randomly come across a hundred bucks, I am going right back to the West Elm store and getting eight place settings of these lovelies. I am so ready for fresh, crisp white in our kitchen!

My sister decided to make being an Air Force officer her career and has been kicking butt at Officer's Training School since April. She graduates on July 20th and I can't think of a better reason to slog through Alabama humidity than to watch her be commissioned! 

Unless it's to wear a sassy pair of shoes at the formal dinner the night before. 

We'll call it a draw.


  1. Love it!!! I've never been to Southeaster Salvage, but I will going now!

    Also, I hate I didn't see you at Riverbend. Sheryl was spectacular. :)

    Also, I'm guessing that you were in Target with that romper. I don't know what's going on designer's minds, but I want to make them watch reruns of One Day at a Time and Three's Company until they're sick of rompers! EEK!

  2. Haha, my phone is always filled with randomness...every once in a while my husband will get his hands on it and be all "what are you wearing in this picture" and I'm all "oh honey that's called a 'romper' and I took it to share with my internet friends but then I was too chicken". :)

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  4. You look great!

    What part of my wonderful state will you be visiting?! Don't think of it as humidity. Just think of it as a way to help burn off ice cream calories without having to do the workout.

  5. HA! Love the photos! And hey, maybe that hat would fit my fat head? ;) Hope you are enjoying your summer break. If you make it to/through the Triangle, give us a call. Would love to see you!!!

  6. sounds like we need to make a trip to these warehouse/salvage/shopping extravaganza. but first, i need one of those shopping baskets. oh my! so cute. i wish i was marmee. :)

  7. Love my white dishes way more than I love my luggage. I need new luggage :)


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