Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Guess what tomorrow is!

The first day of school! My classroom is ready to go...

My cozy little corner. I moved my desk to make room for my reading group table in the larger corner.

 I couldn't handle all the computer wires behind the tables sooooooo...I made these panels!

 I'm pretty pleased with myself. The sewing bug has definitely bitten!

The rest of the room is bright and cheerful, just the way I like it. And clean. But it won't stay that way for too long!

I am ready for this school year. The last one didn't end so well and I'm ready for a do-over. So. My lesson plans are made, my classroom is exactly the way I want it, and there are twelve kiddos {six boys, six girls} who will enter that room tomorrow ready to start third grade. I'm ready to teach them, and not just their multiplication tables or the capitals of the United States. I'm ready to teach them about compassion and patience and forgiveness and adventure and being daring.

Will you remind me of that when I write about how they're driving me crazy? Thanks. And away we go!


  1. I love it! :-) so so cute girl!

  2. Ohhhhhh SO CUTE. Well done, well done!

  3. Where do I start? First, I love the color scheme. Oh-so-clean to an adult's eye and kid-pleasing, too. And your sewing skills--work it!

    As for your need to buy office supplies (which you didn't mention) and organize spaces, I am jealous. I went to Office Depot yesterday and bought some pens, fun paper clips, and folders because it's just not August without buying some teacher inspired chotskies!

  4. looks great! how's it going? your sewing is wonderful! good for you!


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