Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The E-Ranch Extension

I was the first to leave the E-Ranch nest, heading west to the big, big state of Texas. I'm a little closer now, but this summer another E-Rancher joined the extension. The month of June found Carlye, Steve and their three littles just south of me as Steve completes his residency years in ER medicine. This means that they are a mere two and a half hours from me and I couldn't be more thrilled about that.

Sorry, Durham/Chapel Hill peeps. The good Lord knew I needed her a little closer.

With Steve immersed in tending to other's various and sundry medical emergencies, Carlye and the kids headed north for some Chattanooga fun. I think we struck the perfect balance of kid-friendly, inexpensive, in the heat, out of the heat activities. First up, the Chattanooga Zoo!

Sweet Elle. Punk rocker Elle, but sweet.

Just monkeying around. Ha!

Have you ever tried to get three small children to look at the camera? Nigh unto impossible.

Heaven is holding this little one's hand.

Driving the choo choo, a little boy's dream.

Hmmm, what's up there?

Oh my!

I'm not sure who won this staring contest, Moses or the deer.

This shouldn't need explaining, but the front of that shirt reads, "Carolina girls...". Duh.

Classic Dash.

The goats! 

"Hey, Mama! This one has a beard like Daddy!"

Why, yes. Yes, he does.

Dash goes for a more comfortable vantage point. Goats are a little unpredictable, after all.

But the goats decided they too liked his choice of perch!

Cooling off...

And now, I give you... attempting a Lulu and kiddo shot...


I adore Dash's expression in this one. Love that little man.

Elle was pretty much done with us by this point.

There we go!

I love watching my friends be moms. It makes my heart happy.

These macaws were LOUD.

After the zoo, it was on to Good Dog for a scrumptious hot dog lunch. Come visit the Petrees and you're guaranteed a meal there!

A hot summer day isn't complete without a visit to Sweet Cece's, of course. After lunch and some sugar, what better way to burn off kiddo steam than the water park?

Moses very specifically asked for me to take his picture on this horse. I was more than happy to oblige.

Miss Elle demanded a seat as well.

Not to be outdone, Dash took a ride on the back of a most pleasant turtle.

It was an amazing visit. More than amazing. After being so very far away from my bestest friends, it did my heart a serious amount of good to laugh and talk with one who knows me best. Chasing after her little ones was pretty great too, if you must know. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that, but I'd much prefer to have my friends close by...


  1. The joy and pleasure was all ours and digitally reliving it only made me realize that we need to do this again...soon!

  2. Friends make the world go 'round! What a blessing. Must say you look like a natural with those cuties! And, beautiful photos!!

  3. Love that Shirt.

  4. These pictures are fabulous. Mom has mentioned several times "those great pictures Leslie took of her friend and her children" and I didn't realize they were here. Anyway! Love your eye and I'm sure Carlye is tired of hearing this, but it's a good thing she birthed those babies otherwise it would seem as though Steve could spontaneously reproduce!


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