Thursday, December 23, 2010

Joy in the Busy

The fact that I'm writing this post at nearly 1 a.m. should tell you something about the busyness of this day. And yet, it's been a fun, fulfilling, Christmas-goodies-preparing kind of busy. Bright and early tomorrow morning, we'll be Florida bound! We're spending Christmas at Allie's new place, and while Tennessee will more than likely have a white Christmas, we'll be enjoying ours beachside.

So, this will have to be quick. On to today's joys!

 Hey, Haren girls! You made the blawg! Very impromptu, I picked these two lovelies up and they joined me for some Christmas errands. We picked out just the right sequins for a tacky Christmas tree sweatshirt, danced in the aisles of JoAnn, and snacked on gummy worms at The Gap. It was fabulous.
 More hand addressed mail from the rowdy and talented Robin Plemmons. She calls me by every name I've ever been given and I love it.
 First of all, this guy makes me laugh every day. Every. Day. Today, it was while he modeled the latest in gift wrapping accessories- the Scotch Tape Pop-Up Tape Dispenser. It's all the rage, baby.
Once I hit publish, I'm going to take a few minutes, turn out all the lamps and enjoy the glow of white twinkling lights. The gifts have been carefully chosen {or crafted} and I'd like to bask in the glow of busyness completed before it all gets packed into the car tomorrow morning. 

More joys from Florida to come!


  1. Oh what fun! I would LOVE to know/see what you made for Christmas gifts!

  2. Think I'll join you in your joy experiment! These pics are wonderful . . sorry I've been absent. And, your tree and gifts are more than beautiful. Love my coffee cozy too! xo

  3. I want more of your joy! Loved your Christmas tree--so festive and bright. I don't even use hairspray, but I might go buy that stuff after your description!


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