Saturday, April 16, 2011

" Coming in at #19 on the CMT Top 20 Countdown this week, it's Blake Shelton...

...with 'Kiss My Country A$$.' "

Featuring Jason and Leslie Petree!

Ok, let me back up and give you the whole really fun story.

Last November, Jason's sister, Angela, and her husband, Brian, decided to surprise their kids and fly from their hometown of Lubbock, Texas to Nashville to take them to the Country Music Association {CMA} Award Show. Our niece, Scout, and nephew, Will, are HUGE country music fans and this was an amazing treat for them. Angela called Jason and asked if we could meet them in Nashville the next day to hang out before the show. Without a second thought and within fifteen minutes, I had a sub lined up for my class and a personal leave request signed and submitted. Bright and early the next morning, we were on our way!

We hit West End first and had breakfast at one of the best places in town {and because we lived in Nashville for a few years back in the day, a childhood favorite of mine}.

Oh my word, it was every bit as delicious as I remembered! Totally worth the wait.



While we waited for Brian, Angela and the kids to get into town we checked out a couple of shops and I swooned over some pretty paper.

Oh, how I love me some pretty paper.

After a while, we headed towards downtown Nashville. Be still my beating heart, I love this city!

As we wandered around, we were stopped by a small video crew who asked us if we'd like to be in Blake Shelton's newest video. Um.....yes, please!!! We signed a waiver {I have no idea what we signed away, but who cares? We were going to be part of country music!} and were told that all we needed to do was sing along to the lyrics of his soon-to-be-released song while they filmed us and move/dance/act up as much as we wanted to.

Oh yeah. We've so got this.

Now, the only issue was that neither Jason nor I had ever heard the song. The crew played the song for us once while we looked over the lyrics and then it was go time! We managed to do a fair amount of moving around but I'll admit, I did a lot of "watermelon, watermelon, watermelon" as I tried to keep up with the unfamiliar lyrics. Still, it was so much fun to be in front of the camera and you better believe I worked it for all it was worth.

I know you're totally shocked by that statement.

When we were through, they offered us wristbands and told us that they would give us entrance to be part of the crowd around the stage when Blake performed at the CMAs that night. What the what?!?! Unfortunately, sticking around until that late wasn't to be in the cards. I kind of still regret that, but what would come later would make up for it. However, we also got another little participation prize that was pretty cool.

One Nashville adventure down, we headed back towards the riverfront to meet up with the Carter family for lunch. 

It was kind of surreal to be with our Texas family on Tennesse ground! And oh my lord, how we love these kiddos.

We hit the streets again for more sightseeing and to soak up some more of Music City!

At the Ryman, the video crew was filming a much larger group of fans and this time around, they had cue cards for them. Jason and I gave them a hard time that they didn't think of that for us! Also, some of the fans were much should I put this?, rowdy than we had been. The crowd got to see a very enthusiastic female fan moon the camera as she took the song title quite literally. Yikes.

With just an hour to go until the Carters needed to head to the arena, we sat down at an open air bar to people watch and visit. I wish I'd gotten a picture, but there were two hilarious dogs on a parked motorcycle with their own sunglasses. You'll see them in a bit, I promise...

It was a fantastic day, the perfect excuse to play hooky from work! The Carters headed off to the award show and we bid goodnight to the Nashville night life.

Ok, so cut to last month and it occurs to me that perhaps the Blake Shelton video was completed. I checked out his website and there it was. I watched it with bated breath to see if we had made the cut...and we did!! 

Now granted, blink and you might miss us, but there we are at the 0:26 mark, right after the lyric, "...and my woman by my side...," sassy as can be. 

Well, I'm sassy. Jason's just a stud.

Cut to this month and the video is now airing on CMT. I saw it on TV for the first time this morning and I'm pretty sure my delighted squeal was enough to wake the neighborhood.

Here we are in all our one second glory! You're going to want to watch this in full screen. Enjoy!

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  1. Oh. Em. Gee! You are famous! Autograph please.....


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