Friday, May 27, 2011

Shockingly, yes, sometimes I don't have anything to say.

Here's the thing.

When you're unemployed (five months, please dear lord, don't let it be going on six...) and your days consist of working out, endlessly submitting resumes and cover letters, a fair amount of moping, and general housework, there's not really a lot to write about. Add to that the fact that this season of my life has me processing some stuff that I don't care to share with the entire Internet (thank the lord for a fabulous therapist) and, well, you have a southern drama queen whose mouth is generally more quiet than chatty these days.

{Jason might beg to differ, but he's bound by sacred vows to listen to me, right? He does it so well, my ever patient husband...}


There's always a but.

I've always loved having this space to write about anything and everything. The problem is, I started this blog almost six years ago when there weren't many blogs and only my nearest and dearest took the time to read it. Six years, a marriage and two states later, there's a lot more people reading than before. Some of y'all I've never met but we've become friends anyway through this crazy thing called blogging. You've encouraged me, cheered for me, prayed for me (and Jason), loved on me through your blog comments and emails. For those folks, I legitimately call y'all my friends even if I've never seen your sweet face in person. That's just the way it works.

 And truthfully? There's probably some people reading my blog who I would rather they didn't. However, that's the deal you make when you have a public blog and I'm cool with that. Still. What to do to maintain this space as a place for me to be authentic?


A dear, funny and wise friend encouraged me that my blog doesn't have to be where I spill my guts all the time and that she'd love to see me just write about the things I like. Hmmm, write about the things I like....sure, I can do that.

So, that's what I'm going to try to do. I like writing. I need to write. I need to focus on the good in my life, the joys that are coming, the gifts that are present but perhaps I don't dwell on enough. I'm not foolish enough to call this a blog comeback, because we've all seen how that's turned out on here before.  Still, I needed to write this. I needed to write it out, this new "vision" for what blogging could look like for me. For a girl who wears her heart on her sleeve, it's good for me to strike some sort of balance between sharing all the emotions that run through me and shutting off completely.


I have a running list in my head of things I want to blog about. For accountability's sake, I'm going to start this list here with the idea that then I'll actually write those posts. Stay tuned to see if this actually works...

- My weekend in Nashville with Allie and the Country Music Marathon/Half-Marathon
- Oprah's last show (Seriously, I took notes. SO GOOD.)
- Sitting in a room of seventeen women waiting to interview for the same job
- Celebrities, diets, exercise and is it all for real?
- Glee and the gloriousness of its last four episodes


  1. Seat belt buckled, I'm ready for the ride!

  2. yay :-) I've been missing you my friend!

  3. I have been AWOL from posting on my blog since March. Just not enough hours in the day recently, but I haven't given it up. I'll be back real soon! Best of luck in your job search. Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Love & blessings from NC!

  4. And photography, and shoes, and baking, and dogs. You like those things too, and I for one, would love to read about that too!

  5. Leslie, that cake looks amazing :)
    I am totally going to try it now, you've inspired me!

    You're craft room is awesome too! I wish we had space for one.


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