Thursday, June 09, 2011

Things to Know About Me in the Summer

  • I will more than likely be wearing a wide brimmed southern gal kind of hat if we're going to be spending an extended amount of time in the sun.
  • I prefer to have the windows down and sunroof open rather than run the AC in my car. I know, it's crazy but I love that hot breeze on my skin.
  • I own one pair of shorts (not including running shorts) and would much rather spend the majority of summer in skirts or dresses.
  • Pretty much anytime you see me my sunglasses will be perched on my head. Wait...that's not really different from any other season...
  • If there's an outdoor concert, I'm there. Chattanooga has a week long outdoor music festival called Riverbend. It draws some pretty major artists and we gave it a try last year. We discovered that due to the stage (which is on a barge) being insanely high off the ground, no matter where you sit you end up watching the giant screens and not the actual performers. No, thank you. So this year, I think we'll just join the rest of the freeloaders and set up chairs on one of the bridges right next to the stage. Miranda Lambert and Huey Lewis & The News concerts for free? Yes, please! 
  • I will always opt for outdoor seating at a restaurant, especially in the evening.
  • Can't go anywhere this summer without one of these little delights. The Camelbak is perfect for chugging copious amounts of water and the Kangaroo cup gets me free refills ALL SUMMER LONG at any Kangaroo Express/gas station. Booyah. Not pictured? My newly acquired Carolina blue insulated cold cup tumbler (kind of like this one, only prettier 'cause it's truly Carolina blue) which will be perfect for all those glasses of Margarita-In-A-Bucket margaritas I plan on drinking at the beach in a week. Oh, yes ma'am.
  • I will always be singing along with the music in my car. Loudly. Always.
  • I could always use a new hat. All in the spirit of protecting my skin, of course.
  • Want to go crash a pool you don't belong to? I'm your girl. Call me up. Robyn and I perfected the art back in the day and we've settled on these three essential rules: 1.) Park a slight distance from the clubhouse. 2.) Act like you own the place. 3.) Identify the bathrooms early. Truth.
  • I love every bit of summer. Every little delicious piece. I'm a summer girl.
What about you? Any summertime goodies I should know about you? I'm all ears...

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  1. Anonymous12:15 AM

    I heart Huey Lewis and the News. Hearing them IS summer. I love to put in the CD, roll down the windows in my car and blast it. ;-) So fun in concert!!


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