Friday, August 05, 2011

Five Years

A five year wedding anniversary on August 5th feels momentous. Five years feels weighty and accomplished. For five years, we have loved and fought and laughed and cried and loved some more. We've become better versions of ourselves and we've still learning how to spur each other on towards more of that. Five years means well established jokes, phrases, secret gestures that the other knows how to read. Five years holds some heartache and doubt, but it also holds the joy that comes from seeing it through to the other side.

I often think of the incredible toast my sister gave at our wedding. She said,
"If you know Leslie at all, you know she believes in fairy tales, the idea of forever, and that drama is the spice of life. As far as fairy tales go, she's always dreamed of Jason, although he's better than anything she could've imagined. 
I came across this one bible verse in high school that I took on as what I wished for Leslie to find in a man. It's Song of Songs chapter 4, verse 9, "You have stolen my heart, my sister, my bride; you have stolen my heart with one glance of your eyes." You can tell by this verse that God believes in fairy tales too, and that's just what He gave Leslie and Jason. It had to be one glance, because they only knew each other for a day and then didn't see each other again for six months! Even as great as it is to see that verse come true for them, we all know that love is much more than a fairy tale. Our mom raised us with one thought on love; that it's not just a feeling, it's a decision. So with that in mind, I have one more wish for the two of you... 
(If you'd all raise your glasses and join me.) 
May you wake up everyday with two intentions in mind. The first, that you never doubt your decision to love each other. And secondly, that you choose to love each other more with each new day."
I love you, Richard Jason Petree. I would say those vows, make that choice and say yes all over again. Thank you for loving me so patiently and so well. Happy Anniversary, my love!

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  1. What a sweet toast, full of truth! I'm so excited for your five years of marriage. May God continue to grow your love for each other and Him each day. xoxo

  2. Our five year wedding anniversary is coming up in September! Look how much we have in common?

    Your sister's toast was beautiful. Oh how I wish I'd thought to get a copy of the toasts at our wedding! What a special memento to have.


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