Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WIWW, The "My iPhone camera is my friend" Issue

Hello, fashion lovers! With much effort and a few grumbles I'm back this week for What I Wore Wednesday. Originally created to pull stay-at-home moms out of their sweatpants and t-shirt routine, it's sweeping the nation! Ok, so that might be a bit dramatic (Moi? Dramatic?), but there really are lots of women, moms and non-moms alike who are linking up with Lindsey to spice up their day to day wear. Here we go!

pleated poppy

Thursday - Work and a Brian Regan comedy show at The Tivoli Theatre

Thank the good lord for full length mirrors in the Tivoli ladies room, because I had no time between work, therapy and a spontaneous date night with Jason to take pictures at home. Also, notice something new? A scarf! Boots! That means temperatures under seventy degrees! Hooray!

Skirt and Boots - Target
Top - Gap Outlet
Ruffled Cardigan - Forever 21
Scarf - Random airport shop in Dallas
Gorgeous Theatre - The City of Chattanooga

Friday - Work
No, you're not seeing things. Those are my white pants. On my body. After Labor Day. I posted the following status on my Facebook last Friday, "I'm wearing my white pants after Labor Day. Just thought I'd share for those of you who want to a.) judge me or b.) rejoice that I've been freed from the shackles of southern dress code tradition." The response was overwhelmingly supportive and even the southern fashion maven that I've looked up to since high school gave me her vote of confidence. Phew! So we'll be walking in freedom for a little bit longer this fall season, my white pants and I.

Pants - Ann Taylor Loft
Grey Top - Old Navy
Black Cardigan and Purple Flats - Target
Necklace - Francesca's
Curly/Wavy Hair (Well, it started out that way) - Closer and closer to my Tami Taylor goal

Monday - Work
Confession: I was really grumpy on Monday morning and this outfit was a last minute pull that I ended up being really happy with. I'm finding that I'm intentionally looking for ways to add pops of color in my outfits. Progress, y'all, progress.

Pants - Marshalls
Tank - Lands End
Cardigan - Gap Outlet
Red Flats - Old Navy
Necklace - Target

Tuesday - Work and Aradhna Concert at Covenant College
We're having our first big Chapel Department-sponsored conference of the year this week and Tuesday was a 14 hour work day. Hence, the bathroom pics once again. The goal of the week is style but mostly comfy shoes. This was my very first time to wear my new boyfriend sweater. Here's a little tip for the girls out there: If you want your cardigan to stay put, three words- 3M Poster Tape. I feel like maybe this outfit could have used a belt, but it didn't feel right when I put one on. Any thoughts?

Skirt and Boots - Target
Tank Top - Lands End
Boyfriend Sweater and Necklace - Forever 21
Class Ring - UNC-Chapel Hill, Class of 2000!

If nothing else, WIWW is making much more mindful of what I put on in the morning and as I've already mentioned, I really love that I'm looking for ways to incorporate more color. But as Jason will tell you, there's still plenty of morning tantrums thrown in front of my closet because I can't figure out what to wear.

Yeah, about that...Anyone want to just buy me all the outfits I have pinned on my My Style and At the Office Chic Pinterest boards? M'kay, thanks.

pleated poppy


  1. I'm pretty sure my shopping ban covers clothes for you as well. Sorry!

    But, you are looking hawt, lady. Loving the pops of color in the shoes and accessories. And your "closer and closer to Tami Taylor hair" is something much better by my count. It's GORGEOUS Leslie Petree hair!!! Loving. It.

  2. you're adorable. you also reminded me that i have that bird necklace from forever 21 and haven't worn it in a while!

  3. Leslie,

    I pin to the 'My Style' board thinking there is gonna be some contest and that I'll win the entire board
    sized for me :-) I'm so happy to read your blog!

  4. I was thinking of doing my own "What I Wore Wednesday" but presently I do little more than throw my hair back into a pony tail using a black ponytail holder (Emi-Jay) with a headband (Goody from Target, or FranceLuxe from Nordstrom) and throw on a pair of khaki shorts (J. Crew) and a solid color shirt (Target or some restaurant in NC). I finish my look with my wedding jewelry, 30th birthday pearls, and Venetian link bracelet. If I'm feeling really jazzy, I wear my Jack Rogers instead of my Chacos! I know everyone is dying to see this look, so hopefully I'll get a picture of it soon. ;) And I agree with what Molly said about your hair. xoxo

  5. Thank you so much for your sweet comment today and for praying for me. Right now everything looks so impossible and I can't imagine that it will ever get easier.


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