Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Some good reads out there in bloggy land...

While I'm working on some posts of my own, here's some other good stuff to read. Go take a looky loo!

"Christians are weird about counseling." It's true. We are. And sometimes that makes me really sad.

"Unbound" I've been reading Angie's story and writing for years now, and I always walk away with a good strong word. This time was no different.

Mocha Momma is a new blog find for me and I am really appreciating the fresh perspective she's bringing to a host of thoughts rattling around in my head. I'm kind of jealous of her "Drag Queen Tupperware Parties" experience and "On Writing" is the kick in the rear I've been needing when it comes to putting my thoughts to paper (or blog.)

"I Was Previously Unaware That Such A Bridge Even Existed" You know what's a really great last line when it comes to parenting or, as I discovered in 2001, teaching? "This is not up for debate." Thanks, Mom.

If you're not reading Abby's blog, you really should be. I'm just sad we didn't discover WIWW before I left Texas, because I could've really used her spiritual gift of fashion live and in person.

                                                                                Source: google.com via Leslie on Pinterest

It's true. And you never know what that battle may be. In my own life and in some new friendships, I've been grateful for the kindness and mercy of folks who understand the battle of depression and anxiety. Heather Armstrong, aka Dooce, has been a loud and persistent voice in that discussion. And for that, I am very, very, very grateful. 

Do me a favor? 

Click over and read "Autumnal Equinox". 

Then, be kind...

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  1. Ok so I just read all of those while feeding Caden :-) thanks for the links!!


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