Friday, October 05, 2012

There is a castle on a cloud...

Did you know that what is now Covenant College used to be a hotel that was often called "Castle in the Clouds"? 

It's true. 

And this morning, I discovered that the nickname is well deserved.

The last few days have been a wonderful blur of inaugural activities, but I have a deliciously lazy Saturday stretching in front of me tomorrow. It's guaranteed to be the kind of day where I have room to stretch my writing muscles and try to put into words all the moments where my heart nearly burst with joy, pride, and gratefulness. 

In the meantime, I'm that wonderful kind of exhausted that comes at the end of a well worn week filled with good works. The triple espresso I had this morning has long since worn off and we've got a copy of "The Hunger Games" to watch.

I'm ok with this kind of exhausted.

{October Photo a Day, 5 - A shadow kiss to start the weekend.}

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