Monday, October 08, 2012

Weekend Delights

October Photo a Day, 6 - On Saturday I was thankful for a lazy day to craft new fall decorations, a good hair day and finally finding the perfect mustard yellow cardigan.

Et voila! New autumn sass for the front door. 

Trying to take selfies before heading out for a date night. Everyone else seems so much more talented at these, but I'm a fan of the outakes and the man who makes me laugh so hard. 

Mexican food, hat shopping and new fall scents for the house = successful date night! 

Apparently this has something to do with getting a proper fit on a new hat... 

October Photo a Day, 7 - Inspired by a friend on Instagram, it only seemed right to add a monogrammed pumpkin and more light to our living room. 

Hooray for Fall!!!


  1. I'm always suspicious of selfies that turn out just a little too perfect. Mine/ours are always a neverending stream of outakes - and that's a lot more fun! Love your weekend in photos - isn't it so nice now that fall is here??

    1. I'm completely in love with this colder weather! Absolutely delightful :)

  2. A back lit, monogrammed pumpkin? Totally Martha.

    Love the date night pics. I'm sad I've never gotten to know you and the hubby as a couple. You two look like fun.

    1. I'm in the middle of autumn-izing our house and it makes me so happy!

      I feel the same way about you and B! Something to add to the "one day..." list, friend :)

    2. Something to add indeed! Road trip to Chicago?!?

  3. What a beautiful architectural touch to your front door . . even without the lovely wreath. I'm so enjoying the burlap one with fabric flowers that you made for me a while ago. Makes me smile and think of you every time I walk by. Love you. Marmee


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