Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Dear Friends...

Dear Friend,

I see you, southern sassy in the land of Yankees.

I see you being brave and wise and creating a life of adventures instead of "I wish I had..."

Thank you for being a broken place for me, with me; for letting me be a broken place for you. Thank you for creating laughter across the miles.

I can't wait to come visit again and tackle the island once more!

Love you more'n my luggage,
Leslie Ruth


Dear Friends,

Over the years, you've opened your house up to so many of us. We've watched as you created a family like no other, full of love and wit and laughter. You've been honest and open and generous.

We're all sad with you now. But I'm so grateful for the bigger family God created for you, the one that you're standing with now, loving patiently and faithfully. Thanks for sharing them with all of us.



Dear Church,

Thanks for creating an evening Bible study for the women in our church. It's pretty darn great.

Slacker on the homework, but still attending,


Dear Knox,

The farts you create really stink. Cut it out.

The crazy lady who calls you Bubba and Monkey


  1. How am I just now reading this post? Regardless, perfect timing.

    I love you, so much more than my luggage! xoxox


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