Thursday, September 08, 2005

And they named her Lila Dianne...

In Durham, not too long ago, there was a home that provided shelter for five southern sisters. That's right, five. Daughters of an expert auto mechanic and an accomplished seamstress and southern cook, these girls grew amidst laughter, music, tears, hard summer work in the Brogden family tobacco fields, and the knowledge and love of Christ. There is something to be said for all of them. Many stories could be told about their lives and over the years, some of those stories have made their way into my own collection stored deep inside my mind and heart.

But it's the next to youngest I want to write about. She is the one I know best. She is known as the "bossy one," but always lovingly so. She does indeed have leadership gifts and when it comes to taking a group picture, she is the one you want organizing it all. She grew up sassy and outgoing and was a cheerleader in high school. Her curly blonde hair is legendary; much desired by others and yet the bane of her existence all at the same time. Taking no for an answer wasn't her style and so she put herself through junior college. The woman is nothing if not determined.

The next to youngest has taught me to love deeply, think deeply and be passionate and adventurous. She is the bravest woman I know. I have watched her live out her mistakes and then teach me not to make the same ones. This daughter, this sister, is engaging, creative, artistic. She makes you feel immediately welcome and at ease. It is easy for her to find the humor in a very hard moment and before you know it, you're laughing along with her. She has weathered many changes with her easy grace and style. Like her mother before her, she loves things of beauty and has passed that love along. Like her mother before her, she is a thing of beauty.

This daughter, this sister, grew up to be my mom.

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