Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Sweets & Hurricanes

If you ventured out to any of the Maple View stores yesterday, you might have been pleasantly surprised by just how many people were there to support the Hurricane Katrina efforts. Sarah Jo and I showed up at the country store around 8:30 and there was a line out the front door and curving around the building. "Farmer Bob" himself (aka Bob Nutter, co-owner of the dairy) kindly informed us that the line had to be cut off since they needed to close at 9 and his employees had been scooping all day. He told us we could still go inside, buy pints or quarts and go straight to the cash register. Since patience doesn't run freely among the Cruise family women, we loved that idea and made our way through the masses to the cooler inside. Practicing great restraint, we opted to share a pint of Turtle Cheescake ice cream and in no time at all we were back on the porch and digging into our delectable treat. All told, Maple View Farms raised $30,000! We probably won't raise as much, but feel free to come by Trinity tomorrow at 2:30 for my class' bake sale. Here's hoping that the creative efforts to help our neighbors down south continue...

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